Read this article. Now.  There is a reason our ancestors, who ate lots of types of fat, weren't over weight, had almost no health issues (no cholesterol or heart issues!), didn't overeat, and were incredibly healthy.


The Easiest, Healthiest Breakfast Sausage Ever

Okay, so that might not be the most attractive picture but hopefully you'll stick with me through this post. As I have mentioned before, I like my breakfasts to be protein filled. I can never find sugar-free, not weird breakfast sausage at the store. It always has additives of some sort that I don't like.… Continue reading The Easiest, Healthiest Breakfast Sausage Ever


Single Serving Almond Coconut Pancakes

This is one of my favorite breakfasts. When I'm feeling like I want something more then just scrambled eggs for once, or on those days where I want something sweeter. I've found if I eat something sweet for breakfast (bowl of fruit, over the top waffles, etc), I crave junk the rest of the day.… Continue reading Single Serving Almond Coconut Pancakes