Vanilla Extract

Normally I just grab the vanilla extract of the grocery store shelf and throw it in my cart, go home and happily use it. No problemo. But Today, when I was picking up some vanilla extract the ingredients somehow caught my eye. I always just assumed vanilla extract was plain straight up vanilla extract. Well, it’s not. In that first bottle, there were some nasty ingredients! I picked up another, which contained grain alcohol, then another with SUGAR (SUGAR IN VANILLA EXCTRACT?!). I couldn’t seem to find a nice, plain one that wasn’t a million dollars! I came home to look at the vanilla extract in my cupboard and found it had sugar and some other weird stuff in it. You better believe that went in the trash right away.

So, I guess I’m gonna have to put down for some high quality vanilla extract. Moral of the story- READ THE INGREDIENTS! ALWAYS! ON ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING YOU BUY! 🙂

A new recipe coming soon!

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