Apple Cinnamon Walnut Scramble

Apple cinnamon walnut scramble! I know, looks a little strange and sounds a little weird (eggs AND apples? WHAT?!) BUT, it is delicious! 1/2 an apple (Red works best… green is too sour) 2 eggs + 3 tbs whites (or whatever egg combo you like, but you’ll need at least one yolk in there) cinnamon… Continue reading Apple Cinnamon Walnut Scramble


I can never think of creative titles…

Well that was a great title, huh? Yeah, creative juices are really flowin' tonight! Does that look gross? Good, that's what I was going for. Clearly my photo abilities do not cross over from black and white film photography! Oh well, you all get to enjoy it anyway 🙂 I call that glorious picture dinner.… Continue reading I can never think of creative titles…