Apple Cinnamon Walnut Scramble

Apple cinnamon walnut scramble! I know, looks a little strange and sounds a little weird (eggs AND apples? WHAT?!) BUT, it is delicious! 1/2 an apple (Red works best… green is too sour) 2 eggs + 3 tbs whites (or whatever egg combo you like, but you’ll need at least one yolk in there) cinnamon… Continue reading Apple Cinnamon Walnut Scramble


Mexican for Dinner

Oh man, this recipe was DELICIOUS!Beefy Mexi Cauli Rice from bomb good!I made some changes, though. I didn't have the can of tomatoes so I just used a cut up tomato, I also added chopped red and green pepper and chopped onion. Mixed in LOTS of spices (it was way spicy) and used ground… Continue reading Mexican for Dinner


I can never think of creative titles…

Well that was a great title, huh? Yeah, creative juices are really flowin' tonight! Does that look gross? Good, that's what I was going for. Clearly my photo abilities do not cross over from black and white film photography! Oh well, you all get to enjoy it anyway 🙂 I call that glorious picture dinner.… Continue reading I can never think of creative titles…