Pan Roasted Cauliflower


maybe I just shouldn’t post pictures of my food?

So the other night I made some pan roasted cauliflower. One of my favorites. I based it off of This┬árecipe from I didn’t have any broth, so I just used extra coconut oil/olive oil. I added some kale during the last 3-5 minutes to get some greens in for the day.

Not a whole lot to report. BUT, I have not been feeling fantastic the past two days. I can’t tell whether it is the new supplement/med I am on or if it is just the Lyme. Stomach aches, headaches, really tired. It is not fun. I ate a lot of sugar last night so that obviously has not helped the situation. My roommate and I are starting a 21 day sugar detox to help clean up for the summer, we have both been eating a lot of junk and are feeling weighed down and blah. Hopefully that helps with symptoms!

Now, here are some more pictures of cauliflower for you:



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