Apple Cinnamon Walnut Scramble


Apple cinnamon walnut scramble! I know, looks a little strange and sounds a little weird (eggs AND apples? WHAT?!) BUT, it is delicious!

1/2 an apple (Red works best… green is too sour)

2 eggs + 3 tbs whites (or whatever egg combo you like, but you’ll need at least one yolk in there)



2 tbs. walnuts

Cut up your apple and sprinkle with cinnamon and nutmeg. Sauté over medium to low heat until soft. Mix up your eggs and pour them in along with 1 tbs of crushed walnuts. Cook everything through then plate and add your remaining one tbs. of walnuts on top (can add more apple on top if you like, too).

DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE CINNAMON! It adds great dimension and flavor, sprinkle it right on the eggs!

I really wanted protein packed something and was thinking eggs this morning but I also wanted fruity and sweet…. BAM! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Apple Cinnamon Walnut Scramble”

  1. What a great idea with the walnuts, apples, and spices! I’m currently on an elimination diet for eczema, and have taken out wheat, rice, and oats. I also stayed away from foods like quinoa, and am looking to try adding that back in… I for sure react to wheat and oats, though! If you have any tips/tricks about quinoa and being a grain, please reach out! I was inspired by your blog, so I’m definitely following! Will you please follow me back? All my recipes are wheat, rice, and oat free! Going into a nutritionist soon, too:)


    1. Quinoa seems to be one of the least offenders in terms of grains. It’s not my favorite, though. I now eat fully vegan and incorporate occasional grains in my diet. They do still bug me but I eat them sometimes because they are delicious :). I would advise eating just a small amount and testing how you react to it. There are a lot of good breakfast porridge-like recipes using quinoa online you might want to try! I really enjoy buckwheat which can be used like a grain in many recipes but it actually isn’t a grain. I’ll check out your site. Thanks for the lovely comment!


      1. Thank you for replying! I have a little hope for quinoa after researching… Looks like it’s maybe a seed?? I was thinking next week I’d just try a little, and see how I react. Nice thing is that I can eat other things like nuts for density, and just found a baking company with cookies that taste NORMAL! Maybe you would want to share the joy… That company makes amazing products! I hope you follow after checking out my site… I try to inspire others, and you have really inspired me!


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