Sweet Potato Flour

Hello Hello!

A little update, shall we?

So 4th of July was fun… well the first half. I ran horsetooth with my best friend and roommate! IT was such a blast. We thought it was going to be harder and that we would only make it 1 or 2 miles. We ran over 5!



Tough stuff, but such a blast.

We played some volleyball in the afternoon but I was beat from the run! We ate delicious pulled pork that we had made in the crockpot along with a ton of watermelon and carrots!

Let’s move on to the good stuff…


Look what I found at Whole Foods this morning!!! I almost peed myself, I was so excited! (Possibly a slight exaggeration… possibly not). Although, I can’t lie, the price almost deterred me from buying it. Key word: almost. I couldn’t resist.


I came running home needing to try it ASAP! Problem? I was starving and didn’t have the patience to look up recipes and experiment. I was hoping to make some crepes, but again, starving. So I resorted to my pancake recipe, but subbed out the almond flour for the sweet potato flour. Yummy! It was delicious, I loved the flavor.

Since the Lyme bugs have been angry the past week or so, I’m needing some extra rest. I’m planning on taking it easy this next week- few to no workouts, relaxing between work and school. Just taking it easy. What does this mean? MORE BAKING TIME! HECK YES! I can’t wait to experiment with the sweet potato flour some more. đŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Flour”

  1. We are beast! I am so impressed with where you were with your Lyme to where you are now! I know you might have your days but you always have such a positive attitude about it all! Plus, You have gotten me to really change my lifestyle too! I can’t wait to do the Warrior Dash with you in a month! I love you girl! I’ll be there whenever you need to kick this Lyme’s ass!


  2. We so are!
    Thanks girl, you are the reason I’ve been able to get through these past 6 months. Thanks for being there and putting up with me on my bad days- I know i’m a pain in the butt :). I’m so proud of everything you have accomplished. Power team right hurrr!!! I love you too!


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