21 days

So I’m still not moved in to my new place yet (TOMORROW!), I’m crashing at my best friends place this week. Thus, no new recipe yet. I promise lots are coming! Let’s just do a recap of my week, shall we? An update for you all on my life, because I know you care SO much! 🙂


Last Friday we moved everything out of our apt and into my friends new house. Sunday we cleaned the WHOLE apt and officially moved out! Craziness indeed. Then Monday my best friend and now ex-roommate (so sad) headed down to Denver to go to Elitch Gardens (an amusement park) with a bunch of other friends


(My best friend/ex-roomie and I… I have lots more pictures but don’t have their approval to post pictures and I wouldn’t want to without asking them even though I know they wouldn’t mind).

That picture was after we went on a water ride and got completely soaked. We went on almost every roller coaster twice and were there until about an hour before the park closed. Such a blast! I love roller coasters:).

Tuesday was busy with work- taught spin and boot camp. I don’t remember the rest of the day.

Wednesday night I went to the Kaskade concert at Red Rocks. I had bought one of my good friends tickets for his birthday and was lucky enough he decided to drag me along. I went to Red Rocks to see Pretty Lights last year and it was such an amazing venue I was so excited to go back. Maybe the two of us will make this an annual thing… I mean we’ve been two years in a row now in August 🙂






(the crowd)



Thursday Adan (my friend) and I went tubing down the river in town, which was relaxing and fun. The water was really cold and super dirty from the run-off but still worth it:). We ran into some other tubers and tubed with them for a bit. 

Last night my roommate (okay my bff whose house I’m crashing at this week) and I decided to be real college students and take advantage of summer…. We hit up the grocery store, each bought a pint of Ben&Jerry’s and proceeded to devour each one on our own as we walked home. Needless to say my stomach hates me. But it was delicious 😀


Now onto the title of my post…. I had to get my ice cream in because I’m doing the 21 Day Sugar Detox! Yes, I know I tried earlier this summer and failed… I’m doing it for reals this time. I bought the book by Balanced Bites and I’m ready to go. I’m starting Sunday and have enlisted 3 other friends to do it with me! I’m basically doing a combo of Whole 30/21 Day Sugar Detox. I’m nervous and excited and more nervous. Ahhh. Should be good, hopefully I can make it through this time. Actually, no hopefully. I AM GONNA MAKE IT THROUGH THIS TIME! 

Anyway, that is my boring and long update for now. New apt I’m coming for you tomorrow! And new recipes are coming for you guys soon- especially with this detox, being done with summer class, and not working as much (transitioned into the school schedule so my number of classes is down this month) I’ll have lots of time to play and bake/cook.


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