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When life gives you lemons, use them to beat Lyme

Stuffed Zuchinni

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Let’s do a little life update first. Sprained my foot pretty bad on Monday which meant I was on crutches for the week. I’m feeling better now, my foot is still wrapped and I can’t put my full weight on it, but hobbling is easier :). Had a phone consult with LLMD and She’s adding an anti-malarian to the list of meds I’m on. I’m heading home to see her in October for a more thorough update and to go through my blood work. YAY THREE DAY WEEKEND! Lot’s of social gatherings and food and margarita’s :). And hopefully a good deal of baking thrown in there if I can manage to find the time- I really hope I can because I have about 3 recipes I want to try.


So on to this recipe:

I pretty much followed this recipe to a T- shocking I know! I didn’t change things up like I normally do because it just seemed so perfect. I love fastpaleo.com, I get lots of inspiration from that site and they have some amazing recipes I like to steal and try… like this stuffed zucchini :). So head on over to that link and test this recipe out!






Author: Lemons 'n Lyme

So, my name is Victoria. I was recently diagnosed with chronic/long-term Lyme Disease. It has been one of the biggest reliefs of my life. I finally have an answer for all the pain I've been in for years. I'm 20. I love to bake and cook. I created this blog to 1) chronicle my recovery 2) share my recipes. My recipes are geared to those with Lyme in terms of nutrition and anti-inflammatory, etc. My research has shown that eating a paleo/gluten-free/low-carb diet is best for those with Lyme, and although I try to stick with this I fail horribly at times. Follow along and feel free to contact me! :)

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  1. this recipe looks way too delicious!


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