LLMD Travels


Well, I’m back in Colorado after a short but well needed trip to DC. I went home to see my LLMD and got a few days in with family and friends.

I’ll start with the travels, then with the doctors visit. The highlights included hitting up an AWESOME burger joint with my mom. They had gluten free buns and yummy sweet potato fries. I had been seriously craving a burger and sweet potato fries so it really hit the spot.

The next day I started a new medication and felt extremely nauseous so I spent most of the day relaxing in bed before heading out to dinner with one of my best friends who I hadn’t seen in over 6 months! We went out for a yummy dinner (I had mahi mahi over cauliflower and potato gratin with green beans- love heading back to the east coat for some fresh fish!) then headed over to another restaurant that has a great roof top bar for drinks. It was so nice just to catch up and spend the evening outside- it is still humid and warm in DC!


I got a chance to see this lovely princess! That’s pepper, the laziest dog ever but she’s mine so I love her.

The thing I miss most about the east coast is fall. Fall is my favorite season and it was great to see all the beautiful leaves changing colors! I can’t get enough, I hate how short fall is in Colorado. Sorry, I didn’t get a great picture.

So onto the doctor. It went well. Apparently my babesia is what is causing the symptoms I’m having so she gave me some new supplements and anitibiotics to work on killing that bad boy. I have a phone consult in a week to see how I’m feeling and if I’m still having those symptoms she’s adding in another antibiotic and upping the dosage. She told me I need to stop toughing things out and call if I’m not feeling well. I’m so used to just dealing with pain and discomfort and toughing things out that I don’t call unless I feel like I’m dying. Something to work on…


Is it sad that not everything I’m taking is pictured? Yes, I am the oldest person ever, I have TWO giant pill boxes. How else am I supposed to keep track of everything?!


One for supplements, one for all the antibiotics. I literally have a whole cupboard JUST for my pills. Plus I took over part of the counter for drops and things that need to be taken mid-day away from other pills.

I also live out of plastic containers and drink out of my plastic Nalgene constantly (I am in college!). You all already know, and I do too, how bad plastic is for you, but I got called out on for using all of that. Time to switch over! It is messing with my estrogen levels, can exacerbate symptoms, and is all around bad… yeah, yeah, yeah. Got home and ordered an aluminum water bottle ASAP :).

I flew in last night and it was nice to get back to my apartment, settle in, and see this lovely one…


That’s Einstein. My roommate and I are taking care of him for a while. He’s hilarious! My roomie gave him an old stuffed animal from an ex-boyfriend… He’s completely torn it up :).

I’ll have a couple new recipes for you later this week!

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