These Are My Confessions…

Not trying to break into Usher song here, my bad.

1. I haven’t been eating paleo or totally gluten free (some halloween candy is sneaky as hell! Gluten in chocolate- WHAT?! Why are you ruining my life?)

2. My world recently has been revolving around chocolate, chocolate, and sugar

3. When I feel crappy I don’t have the energy to cook and I crave junk food thus I eat only junk food (because all the energy it requires is opening the bag and stuffing it in my face) and when I eat junk food I feel like crap. Are you seeing a pattern here? A vicious circle that is VERY hard to break?

4. I feel like crap today. I need a day off. I need it to be winter break.

5. I’m having a break down. I need it to be winter break. Yes, I know I already said that but Lyme sucks sometimes and today it sucks. Actually, this week it sucks, but especially today. You know it’s gonna be a bad day when you put your shirt on backwards, then just get straight back into bed and watch TV for 4 hours.

6. Moral of the story: avoid ticks at all costs. They are stupid.

5 thoughts on “These Are My Confessions…”

  1. Have you tried So Delicious Coconut Frozen Dessert? The no sugar added kind? It is pretty darn good. Also, one of your pumpkin recipies inspired my to mix pumpkin and pumkin pie spices into some of the vanilla – it was pretty decadent. The best “safe” dessert I have had since January when I started the Lyme anti-inflammatory diet. (Many thanks for the inspiration and I hope tomorrow is a better day.)


    1. You know, I have heard of it and I always forget about it. I need to pick some of that up this weekend- that pumpkin pie concoction sounds amazing! Thank you for the suggestion. Do you have a book or specific Lyme anti-inflammatory diet your doctor put you on? I know you have a few books you mention for nutrition on your page- do you have a suggestion for which one to get if I was to order just one?


      1. My ND has me following The Lyme Diet by Dr. Nicola McFadzean. It is quite well written, fairly short and easy to read.

        The Recipes for Repair was written by a fellow ” NH Lymie” & her mother and is based on a different diet but most of the recipes still fit under The Lyme Diet. If you have time to actually follow recipes, it is also very well written with beautiful photos. The idea behind it was to create recipes that are delicious so you don’t feel like you are eating “sick people food” but easy enough for someone not feeling well to make. You can get them both on amazon. The diet this book is based on starts out more restrictive and then phases foods back in. I haven’t specifically tried the second diet.


    2. Okay, I think I bought the right thing this weekend! 🙂 Mine is sweetened with agave though… is that the same one you use? Anyway, I bought it and mixed it with pumpkin and pumpkin pie spices and it was AMAZING! It totally satisfied my sweets craving and tasted justlike pumpkin pie. Thank you so much for that suggestion!


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