The Current Concoction

1. Mepron

2. Plaquenil

3. Biaxin

4. Duricef

5. Bactrim


I’m also taking drops of A-BAB, although thats not a direct antibiotic. I decided to post about the current antibiotics I’m on because 1. It’s ridiculous! and 2. I’m curious about if any of you other Lymies have been on or are on any of these and how you have responded? I know everyone is different, I’m just curious.

Another question for all you Lyme people… So throughout my Lyme research I’ve heard/seen the term biofilms. Although, I generally get too tired to read about all the science-y stuff because looking at a screen for too long gives me a massive headache (although I can blog no problem of course 😉 ). My doctor hasn’t mentioned directly anything about biofilms and I was wondering if any of you could provide me with more information?

Although I don’t currently have a new recipe for you, I just tried PaleoPDX’s pumpkin banana spice cookies. Yum :)!

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