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Fitness Tip: Protein?

Well, I haven’t done a fitness related post in a while. Sometimes I just don’t know what to post about besides a workout I’ve done. Pretty boring. So here goes with something I’m hoping is a bit more interesting…

“Your last bicep curl of the day should be your protein shake to your mouth” -My Exercise Physiology professor.

I’m taking an exercise phys. class this semester and it is hard as you know what! Oh man, I’m gonna fail and die. BUT I’m definitely learning a lot.

So, I feel like most of us, especially me, understand that protein is important for building muscle. We always see all those big buff dudes downing their giant protein shakes while they are walking out of the gym!

Even if you are not trying to get huge, it is still important to refuel with protein post workout. We break down protein at a faster rate then we make it, and this breakdown increases even more with exercise. So we have an overall net protein loss, but you can prevent that by eating (or drinking) protein post workout.

Breakdown of protein is bad as it is basically your body eating your muscle and it will become apparent- decreased muscle mass, weakness, you get the idea.

Here is the catch…. studies showing that eating/drinking protein immediately post workout vs. later (2 hours) improves muscle cross-sectional area have been done on older males. Studies done on younger people (20’s), doesn’t necessarily show this. So if you are an older man, drink/eat up RIGHT after you hit the iron. If your younger, well, does it matter? More research needs to be done. Nevertheless, working out actually allows your muscles to be more receptive to protein uptake and flooding your blood stream with amino acids tells your body it’s okay, you’ve got plenty, to start using it to build muscle. Working out, endurance or lifting, requires an increased protein uptake because you break it down pretty darn fast.

Another thing, Carbohydrates Spare Protein. This means that eating a low carb diet actually increases your protein breakdown in your body…. Okay, so you all know I eat pretty paleo and I’m honestly not sure how this all fits in with that yet. I want to do some more research on it. My exercise physiology professor refuses to discuss the topic with me because he apparently has very strong opinions (against it).

This was a general, trying to make it easily understandable to the average person post about protein and it is obviously much more scientific. I can refer you to articles/studies if you are interested. I think my next fitness post will be about Fat. YAY FAT!

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