LLMD Appointment

Back in the city and it feels good!

I flew back home on Saturday evening and have been getting lots of sleep and relaxation. It feels wonderful. Minus today when I had to get up an ungodly hour to fight rush hour traffic and get to an early morning appointment with my LLMD. Yuck. BUT, my appointment went well.

She said I’m doing good, we upped the Mepron and Bactrim doses and adjusted my thyroid dose (specifically the T4… I get a compounded T3/T4 from an apothecary since many common thyroid medications contain gluten). She also told me to get a pelvic ultra-sound since I’ve been having some… girl problems… to put that lightly. So off to see the you-know-what doctor very soon.

She is also starting my on Flagyll. I’ve had stomach issues for YEARS (8 now?) and it hasn’t necessarily gotten better. I’ve had three parasites before, which we thought we had gotten rid of. We’re doing some testing to see if we can identify any. But she is starting me on the Flagyll to try and kill anything off that might be there. I’m all for that, I hate getting so bloated it looks like I’m pregnant when I eat. My friends actually have a name for my stomach when it does that (and gets hard as a rock too!)- they call it the Victoria Stomach and freak out when it happens (as in run away and tell me not to get close because it’s weird and freaky…. love you to, Ammie!)

I felt good about this appointment. Normally it sort of just feels like she is throwing medications at me with no rhyme or reason. I understand that with Lyme it is all trial and error but today it just felt she acknowledged the different co-infections and why she was doing everything she was doing. She was going to start me on A-Bart but decided to hold off until we see how I respond to the Mepron dosage and Bactrim and everything else. She knew it was a lot and wants to hold off until we add even more. I’m happy about that because it is starting to feel extremely overwhelming with all the pills and drops and liquids I am taking. But I’m happy she acknowledged that co-infection and that we will get there.

Overall, descent appointment. I then came home and proceeded to nap. Then I baked a pecan pie for thanksgiving… and ate a large majority of batter. Then napped some more :). Good day.


Don’t worry, I’ll be posting about everything we make for this holiday. If you are America- Happy Thanksgiving, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday! If you aren’t American… I hope you are having a wonderful week :)!

7 thoughts on “LLMD Appointment”

  1. Glad your appointment went well! I get overwhelmed by all the pills too,this time I asked for a revised shorter list, so I’ve got the 30 pills a day down to 20. Yay, I think! Hope your gynae thing goes well 🙂


    1. I need to do that! I take over 40 pills a day 😮 . I read your post- I’m glad you are seeing a LLMD now and I hope it goes well! I’m sure she will be helpful and you’ll get on the right treatment plan, too!


  2. Glad things are feeling on the right track. It does feel good to get past the trial and error phase and feel like you finally have the right treatment combination for you. Did you make a gluten free crust for your pecan pie? Trying to decide whether I’m going to make a pumpkin custard or try and make some sort of gluten free crust and make an actual pie.


    1. Yes, it was a gluten free crust! I made it with a combination of pecans and coconut flour. There are a lot of nut based crusts out there. Let me know if you want the link to the crust I made!


  3. Your stomach is extremely weird and you can’t even tell me it’s not! When you had my stomach being a Victoria Stomach it was not a pleasant experience. So I feel for you for having them more often that I did but still…it’s weird. I hope the new meds help!


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