Yes I’m venting, so ignore this post if you don’t want to listen to me complain.

This week needs to end. Now. It’s only Wednesday but it feels like Friday:(.

I had a complete breakdown on Monday. I got so mad/frustrated/upset about having to deal with Lyme. I’m SO sick of it. I got mad at all the pills I have to load and take every day, at people and the world for not understanding, at the CDC for being IDIOTS!, at everything. I don’t even know who to blame.

I’m tired and worn out. I have NO energy to study for finals… thus I’ve done no studying. No energy to cook. And the gym? HA! That is HILARIOUS. Working out hasn’t happened in a very long while. Which only makes me feel even worse, lying around doing nothing. Honestly, if it wasn’t the week before finals I would be lying in bed all day and skipping all my classes- I fall asleep in all of them on a daily basis, only to be poked by my seat mates. I can’t concentration any of them, I’m not really sure what we’ve talked about in my classes this week. I guess it is pointless to go… And then of all things, I can’t fall asleep at night! I plan on going home in 1.5 weeks and sleeping. Literally sleeping for the WHOLE week. then it’ll be christmas, I’ll sleep some more and then I’ll be ready to come back to life (hopefully). 

This week has just SUCKED! Actually the past week and half… it’s just been getting worse. I feel like crap- the nausea is not going way and the only thing I’ve been able to stomach the past few days is rice cakes, rice cakes, crackers, rice cakes, cracker, a banana (sometimes), some  almond butter occasionally, coconut milk ice cream (!!!!!), and chocolate chip cookies (hmmm not sure how that one happened ;)). But actually. Scrambled eggs occasionally. and apples sometimes. Everything else just makes me even more nauseous.

I hate having this. I want to be normal and not feel like crap when all my friends want to go out. I want to not feel like dying and sleeping 24/7. F*ck.


4 thoughts on “Vent.”

  1. Hey don’t give up. I have IBS and I control it. I don’t know much about Lyme disease, but have you check out about vitamins and minerals? When they told me I had IBS, they told me nothing more. I did suffer a bit. But I went to investigate. I found out the importance of Magnesium, calcium, potassium just too mention a few. We lack them in our body…so I went to the natural food store and take them. It helps control the IBS and I can again eat things that would other wise mess up my digestion. If you want to know more just e-mail me dessertbyrandall@gmail.com .

    Hang in there, yes life is crap sometimes and having a disease and at your young age can dose not help. But as others tell me there is someone always worse off then you. You can only eat rice cakes and rice cakes and rice cakes right now. But there are children going to sleep every night with no food in there little belly’s.

    Your in a slump. It will pass, as it always has. 🙂

    Chef Randall


    1. Thank you, I appreciate the support and advice. Lyme is pretty complicated and I am taking magnesium and lots of supplements currently. I guess you’re right, I’ll just have to eat rice cakes for now until it passes ;).


      1. I am glad you feel that way. As for the rice cakes you vented as if you were tired of eating them. So my response was you need to see the positive, at least you have something to eat even if you are tired of it. Because there are children who have nothing in their little bellies when they go to bed at night.

        Hey Lemon’s you know the pace you can take. No one else does. If you want to go out and party with friend’s and have exam’s..which is more important right now? Only you can know that. Your young, but you need to learn to take one thing at a time. I seen a lady today in a wheel chair over at the Mall. She was getting in the car to drive it.

        It made me think I have my legs to move about and I complain about the silliest things, but she has no use of her legs and is out and about. But that is not to say she has her bad days.

        Lemon’s we are all in the same boat. We are all suffering with something. I don’t say this to tell you stop venting. Just so you know you are not alone. 🙂

        Chef Randall


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