Long Time, No Post

Wow, it’s been a while. I’ve been on winter break for school and off doing all sorts of things that do not involve blogging. Why don’t I catch you up on life then?

Hmm… Christmas was nice, it was spent with my parents back home.



I then proceeded to get sick on Christmas day. I think I just came down with a bad cold. But it took me out for the week! Sadly, I spent the remainder of my time in DC in my bed :/.

Back out to Colorado I came for New Years, which was fun. I got to spend time with friends all week and even went skiing!


It was cold and I was sore and out of skiing shape. But very fun! I recovered from being sick just in time and luckily didn’t have a Lyme attack after the big day (which I feared might happen!).

I then headed out to Oregon to visit my aunt. The trip was a blast and I just got home last night. My aunt and I went skiing, we celebrated my birthday, and did lots of shopping. The perfect girls week trip :). We even got massages- yay! I am feeling pretty worn out from all the traveling and plan on resting a bunch this week before school starts. I also plan on doing some cooking and baking this upcoming week so I will *hopefully* have a new recipe for you guys!

My best friend, Ammie, has left for an adventure to do Semester At Sea. I’m going to miss her this semester but I know she will have a blast. She’s going to be traveling around the world on a ship and posting about her adventures on her blog- check it out if your interested.

I arrived back to Colorado to a present from my roommate (who is studying abroad in England this semester!)….


HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! She’s the best. now all my pills are in one giant organizer… it doesn’t even fit in my cabinet! I feel so crazy with it but it’s just what I need 🙂 #lymeproblems


3 thoughts on “Long Time, No Post”

  1. o that looks really fun! I have never been skiing or snowboarding. I grew up on the prairies of canada so I’ve been snowshoeing and cross country skiing, and that’s it! I can’t believe you have to take so many pills 😦 t must be nice to have them organized though. It reminds me of when i had a naturopath…man he had me taking so many vitamins ALL day!!! It was crazy.


  2. I’ve been cross country skiing once, it was hard but fun! Yeah… it is really annoying to have to take so many, but it helps to have them organized. Naturopaths always give so many vitamins!!! I used to see one as well, before my Lyme doctor, and I thought that was a lot haha 🙂


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