Chicken, Vegetable, and Potato Crock Pot Stew To Feed The Masses


So when I cook, I COOK. I make giant batches and cook in bulk so I only have to do it once for the week. Well I’ll admit I went a little overboard here but you can freeze half this soup for later or throw a giant winter dinner party:)

This turned out great and there is 1 spice that really made the soup. If you don’t want to use potatoes, no worries, I have a sub for you.


3-4 large chicken breasts

2-4 small-medium potatoes (so I tried to buy purple potatoes but when I got home and peeled them that is not what I had bought!)

1/2 head cauliflower (if leaving out potatoes, use the whole head of a medium one)

2 cups of carrots

1 bunch of celery chopped (ya know how you can buy a “bunch” and it has about 6 stalks?)

2 zucchini chopped

2 onions

4 cloves garlic

1 tablespoon olive oil

6 cups of chicken broth

salt and pepper to taste

1/2 tablespoon cumin

1.5 tbs. sweet paprika (not regular- sweet- can find at grocery store)

2 tbs. curry

Get out your crock pot!

Dice up your garlic onion then put that and the olive oil in the crock pot on high heat while you prep everything else.

Chop up your potatoes and all your other veggies into good soup and bite size pieces :).

Last, cut up your chicken into bite size pieces.

Next layer the various ingredients into the crock pot and after each edition sprinkle some of your spices onto the food. Continue until all ingredients are in the pot. Next pour your vegetable/chicken broth in.

Cook on low for about 8 hours until potatoes are cooked through and so is chicken.

This soup is really hardy and delicious, the curry really makes it! I usually am not a soup fan because it never fills me up but this does since there are so many veggies and things to actually chew (I’m a weirdo, I know).


5 thoughts on “Chicken, Vegetable, and Potato Crock Pot Stew To Feed The Masses”

    1. Bummer- but I know what you mean! ;). You could leave those spices out (just makes it more plain) and perhaps use a different veggie to sub the carrots. But there are lots of good soups out there!


  1. Looks good Victoria. It would fill you up with all the protein it has . The chicken has the most but those vegetables prove it also. Its the kind of protein that digests slowly keeping you full longer. That’s way stews or crock pot soups are always great eating.

    I like the images too, nice color. Makes your stew more appetizing and appealing!! šŸ™‚

    Chef Randall


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