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Good Friends, Good Food, Good Times

I’m so glad to know you guys like my new header! Yay :).

Anyway, sorry about the lack of posting. Honestly, this blog for me is supposed to be fun so I’m not going to stress about posting alllll the time. I hope you all can deal with that ;).

I don’t have a new recipe for you because 1. School has been crazy and 2. My roommates friend is staying with us and has been cooking up a storm of delicious food for us!

Last Friday we celebrated Shabbat and my roommate and her friend cooked ALLL DAY. They made gluten free versions of everything for me including gluten free challah!


Every burner was used, the oven was FULL (and I mean FULL, multiple things on every rack!).

We started with a soup of vegetables and sweet potatoes then moved on to a variety of salads.


Egg and potato salad, simple salad with tomatoes and cucumber, a coleslaw type of salad (very light, though), roasted carrots, eggplant and red pepper, avocado, and gluten free challah.

Then we had roasted sweet potatoes and potatoes, a mushroom egg dish, rice and vegetables (like fried rice but tasted even better!), and this amazing tomato sauce type of thing (the tomatoes were boiled then mashed with tomato paste and a ton of spices) that you put on top of everything!


(Mind my friend on the right who aimed to make faces in all my pictures!)

We had a few friends over to enjoy the food, as well. We did all the prayers and what not and ate until we were stuffed! We finished the night off with cut pineapple


Simple, yet delicious. All the food was pretty simple but the way they spiced it made it perfect!

It honestly felt like thanksgiving, so much food and company. My roommate said her mom gets up at 5 or 6 every Friday to cook for Shabbat- wow!

The next night, Modish (my roommates friend pictured above) cooked for Sara and I again.


She made an egg dish with onions, other veggies, tomatoes, and a ton of spices. Don’t worry, she cooked it until the eggs were cooked through. It was FANTASTIC! She is going to give me the recipe before she leaves. I told her she can’t leave and needs to stay and cook forever and she said Okay because she loves cooking! Awesome, my own personal chief! 😉

It has been quite a delicious week of eating, I must say! I’m headed back to DC this weekend to see my LLMD for cognitive testing and a follow up. I don’t have a new recipe, I have a brownie recipe I made but it needs some perfecting before I can share. Due to traveling I probably won’t have one for you for another week or two. my appetite has also been limited, I’ve been living off of coconut pancakes and chicken (not together, don’t worry!). My energy has also been really low and school has been busy.

Anywho, off to enjoy the beautiful weather we have for 2 days (ohhhh Colorado!) and study for an exam (not as fun!).


3 thoughts on “Good Friends, Good Food, Good Times”

  1. Glad to see you are having fun with your friends Victoria. The food looks great too.

    I left suddenly and I am sorry. But I have a new website if you wish to follow. Here is the link were to go and leave your e-mail . The blog on my site is called “Fun with Food.”

    As always I appreciated your visits and comments.
    Thanks for your time and consideration.

    Chef Randall


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