Simple Stir-Fry Over Cauliflower Rice

Wow, sorry this wasn't up sooner. I know I posted on my instagram (@viciousfitness) that it would be up about, umm, a week ago? Yeah, eek, my bad.I'll post it, right after I tell you about my weekend :). It wasn't very eventful... super intrigued now, right? Sunday was the best part because it was… Continue reading Simple Stir-Fry Over Cauliflower Rice



I made a mistake in my original Garlicky Paleo Crackers recipe! I wrote down the measurements wrong to two of the main ingredients. Don't judge me too harshly for that mistake (I'll blame my Lyme brain). I've edited it the original recipe but I'll repost it here, too.Ingredients:1/4 cup coconut flour1/2 cup ground flaxseeds/flaxseed meal1/4… Continue reading EDIT TO PALEO CRACKERS!


What I Listen to When I Workout

Woohoo music! The title pretty much says it all... If you can't figure that one out then I'm not so sure I can help you. Maybe you'll find some new jams? This is only a minor selection of all my music and what I may listen to on a given workout day.Running: Lifting/Gym:  And my latest obsession,… Continue reading What I Listen to When I Workout

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Garlicky Paleo Crackers: Grain-Free, Gluten-Free

These week was longgggg. I had a huge test Friday I spent ALL week studying for. Then failed. Ugh. We also got, like, 3 feet of snow! We had a snow day (sorta) on Wednesday. School closed after noon but all my classes were in the morning... I played in the snow anyway. My friends… Continue reading Garlicky Paleo Crackers: Grain-Free, Gluten-Free


Are You A Fitness Newbie?! Why Your Excuses Don’t Count… Part 1

Okay, I want to try and do a series of fitness posts for people of varying fitness levels, starting with those new to exercise. Hopefully I stick to it ;). (Where I work- we have a big open area, spin bikes, weights, pullup bars... we do yoga, spin classes, and boot camp classes)So, you don't exercise?… Continue reading Are You A Fitness Newbie?! Why Your Excuses Don’t Count… Part 1

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Avocado Cream Sauce… With Spaghetti Squash “Pasta”

Oh, aren't I clever with that title? 😉 The avocado cream sauce is really what this recipe is all about. I mean, how many times have a taught you guys how to make spaghetti squash pasta with some chicken? Let's be real here. The sauce is where it's at. I become obsessed with things easily.… Continue reading Avocado Cream Sauce… With Spaghetti Squash “Pasta”


Lyme Healing Update – Asking the right question

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I have been on an incredible learning journey over the last few weeks that excites me. A couple months back I was feeling like a “blobby mess” emotionally when confronting the possibility of living with Lyme forever. I chose to deal with this by committing to stay open to the universe to show me a path forward. This post is about what I have learned. It fits well in a composting words blog because much of what I am “discovering” are the same lessons that have been rediscovered or “composted” in one way or another across centuries of thinkers and currently across various modern disciplines such as medicine, psychology and even early childhood development research.

A framing question: How did I come to the understanding that the legacy of my grandfather’s tragic death in World War II which led to my Mom’s abandonment as an infant has some connection to…

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Crock Pot Chicken Tikka Masala

I've been pretty sick this past week, with what started out as feeling like bronchitis or strep throat. The health center nixed those for me so I'm assuming it is a REALLY REALLY bad cold. I cant barely hear, my ears are so stuffed up! I'm just exhausted. I can't tell if it is the… Continue reading Crock Pot Chicken Tikka Masala


Guacamole Stuffed Burgers: A Quick Tutorial

So in my previous post I mentioned that on Sunday night my friend and I grilled up some guacamole stuffed burgers. Well I thought I'd post just exactly how I made them!Ingredients:1 lbs. ground beef1 small avocado1 small tomato or half a medium tomato, diced2 tablespoons of your favorite salsa1/2 tsp. cuminA few shakes of… Continue reading Guacamole Stuffed Burgers: A Quick Tutorial


Sugar-Free Sweet Potato Brownies: Revisited

So a while ago a posted this recipe for a sugar-free sweet potato recipe. I'm not sure if you guys remember this post either, were I discussed how I bought some new sweet potato flour at Whole Foods. Wow, that was a while ago! Well, this past weekend I found that flour in the back… Continue reading Sugar-Free Sweet Potato Brownies: Revisited