Lyme Healing Update – Asking the right question

composting words

I have been on an incredible learning journey over the last few weeks that excites me. A couple months back I was feeling like a “blobby mess” emotionally when confronting the possibility of living with Lyme forever. I chose to deal with this by committing to stay open to the universe to show me a path forward. This post is about what I have learned. It fits well in a composting words blog because much of what I am “discovering” are the same lessons that have been rediscovered or “composted” in one way or another across centuries of thinkers and currently across various modern disciplines such as medicine, psychology and even early childhood development research.

A framing question: How did I come to the understanding that the legacy of my grandfather’s tragic death in World War II which led to my Mom’s abandonment as an infant has some connection to…

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