Are You A Fitness Newbie?! Why Your Excuses Don’t Count… Part 1

Okay, I want to try and do a series of fitness posts for people of varying fitness levels, starting with those new to exercise. Hopefully I stick to it ;).

Image (Where I work- we have a big open area, spin bikes, weights, pullup bars… we do yoga, spin classes, and boot camp classes)

So, you don’t exercise? Why not? Because it’s boring, it’s hard, you’re sick, you’re tired? Bad excuses, unless you are severely ill… I’ll give you that one since a year ago I couldn’t even get out of bed and fitness is my life! But other then that, BAD EXCUSE!

Everyone is always hearing how they should stop making excuses. Well, that is not going to happen. I make excuses. What I’m going to tell you is that your excuses aren’t valid. What gets me out the door? When I complain to my friend and she tells me my excuse is bs and I better be at the gym in 10 minutes or else.

This post may come off as a bit harsh at times but that is what most people and the world (especially America!) needs. Someone to straight up throw their excuses in their face and tell it how it is. I’m an honest person and I usually tell it how it is. So here ya go.

Working out is SO important to your health. Not only does it help with weight loss and weight regulation, it helps with insulin sensitivity, decreases risk for diabetes and heart disease, helps your skin, relieves stress, improves bone density, I could go on forever!


So let’s take a look at some common excuses:

1) “It’s hard.” Yeah, well nothing in life worth anything is easy. Get over it. I’m not being harsh. It’s true. Don’t go all out at first, start easy and simple then slowly progress as you become comfortable with exercise.

2) “I don’t have time.” MAKE TIME. You don’t have time for a lot of things in life but you make time for them (like showering and going to the store). I don’t care if it is 10 minutes a day, embrace those 10 minutes, kick your ass, and feel good! I know, I know, you get home late and your tired but guess what? It will make you feel better and energize you! Sometimes I get home from class and the last thing I want to do is workout… my bed looks so comfortable! Half the battle is just getting your workout clothes on. So have them lying out and ready to go. Put them on and just start moving. Just start, and if after 5-10 minutes if aren’t feeling working out then you can stop. It usually only takes 5-10 minutes to realize how good it feels and make you want to keep going.

3) “I don’t like it.” It’s not that you don’t like it, it’s that you don’t like what you’ve chosen/forced yourself to do. You hate running? DON’T RUN. Find something you enjoy! If you don’t enjoy it you won’t ever do it. Especially for a fitness newbie, you’ve got to do something you find fun. Go for a walk, do yoga, go climbing, dance. Just start moving! Once we have you moving, we’ll adjust your workout plan to meet your goals. But you’ve got to get addicted to moving and being active before you force yourself to do something you’re not quite a fan of. If I had to run everyday I would die. I’d much rather lift heavy weights in the gym, so if I don’t feel like running, I don’t. I lift or swim or bike instead!

4) “I don’t want to embarrass myself.” You know the sad thing? You walk into a gym and see very fit people or only slightly overweight people. Not obese people because they are embarrassed and ashamed. Every time I see an extremely overweight person in the gym I want to run up to them and be there personal cheerleader. WAY TO INVEST IN YOURSELF! And guess what?! NO ONE CARES THAT YOU ARE OVERWEIGHT THEY ARE JUST HAPPY YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING TO GET HEALTHY! People in the gym are so focused on themselves and their workout they aren’t paying attention to you… and if they are, those are the stupid ones who everyone secretly hates so go on, hate on ’em, too! Stop worrying what other people think because what they are most likely thinking is “Congrats to that person for working on their health, getting a move on, and workin’ it out!” You can’t improve upon your skills or yourself unless you start trying. 

Basically what I have to say to you in this post is… STOP BELIEVING YOUR EXCUSES ARE VALID, AND START MOVING IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM!

As I’ve mentioned, I’m sure you’ve heard it before… “Stop Making Excuses.” But what I’m here to say is that you must stop believeing your excuses are valid and that there is one correct way to exercise.

Image(Skiing with some friends over winter break! A fun way to get active)

So how do you get started? how do we remedy this situation?

1) Do what you like!

2) Start slow and plan it out. Start with 2 or 3 days a week and build-up. The mistake so many make is in thinking there is one way to exercise and it must be everyday! NO, WRONG! You have to do what works for you and your schedule. You have 30 minutes 2x a week? Not ideal but at least you are doing something!

3) Find a support system. I can’t emphasize this enough. Hire a personal trainer, find a buddy to workout with, someone to encourage you who you can call/text/email to get you moving. Or tell them your plan for the week and have them check in with you or let them know at the end of the week how you did. YOU CAN EVEN USE ME! Email me at viciousfitness@yahoo.com, tell me your goals and plan for the week and I’ll be happy to check in with you!

My mom won’t go to the gym unless she has a personal training session planned. Yeah it may cost some money but is an investment in yourself that you will never regret. I workout with a friend almost every single day. I don’t know how I would get to the gym without them! (And I have no idea what I am going to do next semester when our schedules change and I don’t have them to meet up with me at the gym every day)

Image(Buddy system- my friend and I trained for the Warrior Dash together!)

So here are your 3 goals for this week:

1. Look at your schedule, find time where you can workout, and schedule that in. Make it a priority and don’t cancel it for other plans. Treat it as work (but not in a bad way, just an obligation you’ve committed to)

2. Do what you love- walk your dog, do yoga (there are tons of free videos online!), go swimming.

3. Make little changes like parking farther away at the grocery store (extra walking!)- every little bit counts.

Now, comment with your game plan for the week, what activities you are going to do, and what little changes you are going to make.

Don’t tell yourself you are going to “try” to do xyz this week. Tell yourself you are GOING to do xyz this week!

I look forward to reading what changes you are making, what your game plan is, and how it works out. Have a great weekend and get some movement in!

Image(This one needs some company- go play!)

5 thoughts on “Are You A Fitness Newbie?! Why Your Excuses Don’t Count… Part 1”

  1. Great post! I used to LOVE exercising for 1-2 hours every day….and then I got Lyme Disease. 😛 Now I can hardly walking 5 minutes without collapsing… But I call it my “5 min marathon training”….. as soon as I get all better I am going to start working out and get better than before! Thanks for all your encouragement on here! 🙂


  2. Fantastic article! I’ve only recently started running (just intervals at this stage) and some other workouts but I’m finding myself constantly putting it off, I just can’t be bothered putting my shoes on basically – lazy! Yesterday I left it til the sun was going down and ran the last bit in the dark. I absolutely love it once I’m out there, it’s just making the effort to start that I’m failing at. I’m going to start prioritizing!


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