The First Week

It has officially been a week since I got my picc line placed for IV antibiotic treatment for Lyme disease. I was scared out of my mind to get it in, but now that it is there I have adjusted pretty well.



I had to go to the hospital to get the line placed, but my nurses were amazing and so nice! The one putting my line in made me laugh the whole time (through all my tears). My arm was really sore for the first few days and I slept a ton for the first couple days, too. I do daily infusions which only take about 30 minutes total- so not a total day sucker, which is great (silver linings here people!). 

My mom and aunt flew out to be with me for the first week and I can’t thank them enough! It was so helpful to have them around. My mom helped me with infusions and wrote up a whole sheet of directions so I can just look at that to do the infusions. It’s posted right on my fridge! They also cooked up probably 3 weeks worth of meals for me so I don’t have to stress about that as I adjust to the picc line and if I have some herx reactions. They made my meatloaf recipe, a paleo lasagna (more like a paleo hash since I don’t eat cheese so things didn’t stick together well), and stuffed peppers (I’ll be posting that simple recipe soon). They also made paleo zucchini bread from a recipe I found online. That recipe needs some tweeking so I’m hoping to make it again at some point myself and I’ll post that if it turns out good.

Don’t worry, I won’t stop posting just because I have food made for me already. I’m still planning out a few recipes (baked goods!) I’d like to try when I have time and energy. And i will keep you all posted Lyme-wise, as well.

Bear with me through this hectic time!

But, I want to hear from you! How are things going in your life? What is some experience you’ve really struggled with going through?


2 thoughts on “The First Week”

  1. I’m glad to hear you are doing ok! That is definitely scary but you are a trooper! Thank goodness you got some healthy pre cooked food too 🙂 This sounds so stupid in comparison but I am struggling with school and it is so frustrating! I’m doing fine but am a week behind now…It really bothers me! I have to do 4 hours a day plus work just to keep up because the chapter I am doing right now is so huge, AND IM STILL BEHIND. Blah, I hate falling behind with stuff, but overall it is pretty insignificant, huh? I’m sure I will make up for it in a different course anyways.


    1. Oh I feel ya, girl! School always gets me and I become really stressed about it. Somehow it all gets done though ;)! So don’t worry, you’ll get through all of it. I skim when I have too and focus on the most important parts- seems like you’ve been taking really good notes and actually learning the material which will put you ahead in the long run!


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