(Funny) Tips to Not Getting Lyme Disease

Some good Lyme humor!


1. Don’t go anywhere.  And don’t let your pets go anywhere.

Basically becoming a hermit is your best option.  Gather your pets around you and lock the doors, convince the pets to hibernate if you must.


Quit your job and mail order your groceries.  Or just order pizza repetitively.  The world outside is dangerously full of ticks.  It’s simply not worth the risk.

2.  If you do go anywhere, always wear a hazmat suit.

Grocery shopping?  Wear the suit.  Fetching the mail?  Wear the suit.  Going for a walk?  Wear the suit.  Walk around in confidence knowing that you have given no opportunity to contract Lyme.  People may stare at you.  Ignore them.  They are ignorant of the dangers.  You, sir, are safe.


Hint:  If you really don’t want to look out of place, you can always just wear a storm trooper suit.  That basically covers just as much a…

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