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LLMD, Christmas, and My New Treatment Plan

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday! Christmas at home with my family was wonderful- low key and easy, just how we like it. Christmas Eve consisted of our family’s annual walk down to the national Christmas tree. 


We always count how many trees we see in people’s windows on the walk- 140 this year! I didn’t get anything too exciting but I did get Dr. Horowitz’s new book and I’m slowly working my way through that. I can’t wait to finish it.

I saw my LLMD on Monday, before Christmas, and learned a lot! We had done virus and mold testing which both came back positive (VERY high levels of Ochratoxin A along with being positive for 3 viruses). We are doing the DMSA heavy metal toxins test next week. My doctor said all her patients with just Lyme are getting better while the ones with these other viruses or issues in the way are not. We have to address those first to get to the Lyme.

So I am now on a new treatment plan:

-IV for Mold (a very strong anti-fungal) 4 days a week w/ 3 days a week of Vancomycin

-Taking Cholestyramine to draw the mold out

-On 2 different anti-parasitics (I traveled a lot and I’ve had parasites in the past, we think they haven’t been eradicated)

-Anti-viral prescription

-Mepron on the days of Vancomycin

-Rifampin for the Lyme

I’m so happy because I am on less antibiotics and have cut my pill load down. We also cut out some tinctures because it was too much and I didn’t feel like they were doing anything. I still take a butt-load of supplements though. My family and I are cautiously  optimistic that addressing these other road blocks will help get me better but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I really think we are getting somewhere now! Dr. Horowitz does discuss this in his book, that most Lymies have all these other things to address besides just the Lyme in order to get better.

My new IV is a drip bag (my old ones were an eclipse ball) so that has been fun…



The first night we didn’t have an IV pole yet so my nurse made my dad hold the bag up for me. My dad wasn’t having that so he hooked me up the chandelier! I’m sorry this post hasn’t been too exciting- I’ve really just spent my days juicing, eating giant salads, and doing treatment. 

Wishing you all a happy, healthy NEW YEAR!



MIA much?

So, it’s been awhile. As you all are fully aware.

Lyme + IV + school= NO time (actually it equals exhaustion and no energy to blog),

Anyway, I’m here to provide an update on my life! I finally finished finals so I am done with school the semester. I am so excited to be heading home for a month where I’ll be able to relax, spend time with the family, and focus on healing.



Let’s start with treatment/Lyme stuff first, shall we?

I’m still on IV abx, on two different ones, actually. Plus a million oral abx. I see my doctor Monday and something has got to change, I’m on too many drugs! I hate it. The month or two before Thanksgiving it felt like the IV was helping and I was finally getting somewhere. But since Thanksgiving I have been dead! By dead, I mean exhausted and symptoms I haven’t had since I first got really sick (since before I started treatment!) have come out. It’s kind of scary. There are things I was experiencing two years ago that were frightening to me and once I started treatment completely went away. I thought I had beat those off. Now they are back and I’m ON treatment. It’s frustrating to say the least.

I have been doing a lot of research (as most Lymies do), specifically with regards to more natural and holistic approaches to treatment. I honestly believe antibiotics themselves can’t cure Lyme and are only a piece of the puzzle. I’m hoping to develop a game plan over break on how to attack Lyme. It’s all just very exhausting (on top of already being super exhausted!).

When I saw my LLMD over Thanksgiving break we did mold testing and virus testing so I am looking forward to hearing what the results of those tests when I see my doc on Monday. My LLMD hasn’t been happy with progress and is wondering if there is something else getting in the way of treatment (like mold toxicity). I kind of hope there is so that we can address that and move on.


Okay, next is diet:

I’ve been an advocate of paleo. I mean, part of the reason I started this blog was to share recipes. But I’ve started to transition into a raw diet. I’ve read and heard personal stories about the healing effects of a raw diet. A month ago I met a lady who evaded chemo for her breast cancer by using a completely holistic approach and specifically by juicing and eating raw. I’ve read many accounts online, as well. I also have recently met a Lymie who went raw as a last ditch effort because nothing else was working and she was able to get of antibiotics! I’m aiming to be about 75% raw (for now) as I do think there is a place for some animal protein and fish in one’s diet. I guess you could say I am going to be paleo-raw because I still will not be eating legumes, soy, or many grains (just buckwheat and occasionally rice). I will try to get some recipes up over break and I promise to keep you guys updated about how it is going! OH, I have also been juicing daily. So far I am at one big green juice a day. I know I need to juice even more then that but 1) It’s expensive to buy all those veggies and I’m a college student not working and 2) it’s a time and energy thing for me at this point. But mainly number 1 (you guys can donate to my juicing fund if you want 😉 ).

I kind of feel like I’m turning into a hippy…. I’m juicing, I’m eating almost raw vegan, and I’ve been doing some yoga (since it’s all I have the energy for). Ha!


Um, so what else? Random stuff:

Over the past 6 months I have met some AMAZING people with Lyme. I’m so blessed to have them in my life and to have gotten to know them. I appreciate all of their support and every one of my readers support, as well! You all are awesome.

I may be MIA on here but I am very active on my instagram (@lemonsnlyme). So, if you miss me I would head over there and follow me!

I really am hoping to post more over break so if there is anything you guys are interested in hearing about, let me know!


Last but not least… HOW ARE YOU GUYS DOING?! Leave a comment or shoot me an email and give me a little update about you’re life. I do genuinely care and I also love to hear from you all.

We are going to end this post with a picture of a cute puppy I got to puppy sit… because puppies are cute and will always cheer you up!

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