Finally! Plus Raw Kale and Brussels Sprouts Salad with Sweet Tahini Dressing

After my computer crashed over break, I finally have a new one that is up and running! I have transferred pictures and music, finally! I was so upset because I had time over break to write posts and then I couldn’t :(. Oh well, here I am and with a recipe- yay! 

A little life update first, yes? So when I got home before Christmas I told my doctor I didn’t like that I was on SO MANY abx and asked to cut back. She obliged. I did alright for about a week to a week and a half……… then all my symptoms starting coming back out. Horrible symptoms and things I hadn’t experienced since before I started treatment. I had posted an update about what treatment I was doing for that. I saw my doctor again about two weeks ago and we changed everything up because my Babesia is still awful (it’s always been the thing that gets me) and we are targeting that along with the mold. I get my heavy metals test back this week (yay!) and we are looking into some genetic testing. I’ve been pretty stable the past two weeks- I’m alternating weeks of Tindamax and Coartem along with IV Clindamycin. My biggest issue is that you can put me on almost any med and I’ll feel good for a few weeks to a month and then that wears off and I start sliding back again. My doctor told me at my last appointment that I was a tough case and I should be better by now so we are testing EVERYTHING possible. Ha. Wish me luck 😉

ON TO FOOOOOOD! My favorite. So I’ve been eating raw fairly consistently and juicing 2x a day. I eat probably about 80-90% raw if not 100% on some days. Maybe I’ll do a post of what I eat in a day? So you guys can see? Yes? No? Maybe I’ll do it whether you guys want it or not :). But for now I have this great recipe I made a ton over break. The recipe can be found here but I modified it so I’m going to post the whole thing below with my modifications. This dressing contains honey and as a Lymie I try to avoid almost all added sugar of any kind besides fruit but it’s only 1 tsp. and it MAKES the dish so you can’t leave it out.


Raw Kale and Brussels Sprouts Salad with Sweet Tahini Dressing


1 bunch green kale

12 Brussels sprouts

Dash of sea salt

1/4 cup tahini

1-2 tablespoon apple cider vinegar (use 2 if you use the 2 tsp. honey)

1-2 tsp. honey 

1/4 cup water

Pull the leaves of the kale off the ribs and chop into bite-sized pieces. Put in a bowl and sprinkle with the sea salt. Massage the kale by taking handfuls and squeezing it. Keep massaging until kale becomes darker. KEY STEP. MUST MASSAGE KALE! (Lucky kale…)

Cut the stem ends off the sprouts and put them in a food processor. Pulse until sprouts are shredded (but not demolished). Mix in with the kale.

Whisk together the tahini, apple cider vinegar, and honey in a small bowl. Add in the water slowly until you reach a good, dressing consistency. Pour this over the kale-sprouts and mix evenly.


I used that as the base to salads and added sprouts and sunflower/pumpkin seeds on top. Or other veggies if I wanted them. It also tastes great with just pumpkin seeds and pomegranate seeds. I’d literally eat that whole recipe by myself… :). I’m sorry I don’t have more pictures, things have obviously been crazy over here. 

Okay, that was my short, quick post for tonight. UPDATE ME ON YOUR LIVES, PLEASE! I love hearing from you guys. Let me know if you try this out and let me know what you want to see in upcoming posts. I PROMISE I’m going to try and post more this semester! Give me some ideas 🙂


6 thoughts on “Finally! Plus Raw Kale and Brussels Sprouts Salad with Sweet Tahini Dressing”

  1. Hmmm – massage kale? Never have done that, do tell.

    Getting better is such a puzzle, yes?! Treating Babesia made a huge difference for me – cryptolepis worked beautifully with the added bonus of being inexpensive and no side effects. Have also been doing heavy metal treatments for high cadmium and lead in the hopes of eliminating tinnitus which has been a lingering symptom. After 6 months cadmimum dropped quite a bit, lead is falling but still have 8 more rounds of treatment (16 weeks) and I can test again. So far tinnitus hasn’t improved. I am still coping quite well overall on just herbals for the past 7 months. It would be nice to have zero symptoms but I’m happy to have my life back.


    1. Yeah, massaging kale softens it and brings out more flavor. I won’t make a salad out of kale without massaging it now! You can massage with some salt or with some of the dressing… It soaks it up a bit and adds so much flavor!
      Such a puzzle! What treatment are you doing for heavy metals? Hopefully you get rid of all that soon and your symptoms subsided!
      I’ve been taking cryptolepis but it doesn’t seem to be helping much :/.
      I’m glad you’ve been doing better overall and have your life back for the most part! I’ll get there one day 🙂


      1. Sorry to hear that the cryptolepis didn’t work for you. 😦 Could be a different strain of Babesia and of course everyone’s body is different. I’ve been using Captomer 250 for chelation for the heavy metals. Another long drawn out process and am anxious to be done with it. I’ll have to try the kale massage trick! 🙂


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