A New Chapter…

That is a lame title. I had thought of a good one the other day… but that was the other day and now I don’t remember it at all. 

I was at home in DC last weekend and saw my doctor on Monday February 10, Exactly two years after my initial horrible sickness set in. February 10, 2012 I got food poisoning and spent the night vomiting my guts up. It was just as horrible as it sounds. I continued to feel crappy for the next week and figured I just had the flu or a bad cold. But I never got better. Things just got worse. And worse. Until my doctor started me on Doxycycline at the end of March. If you’ve read my About page you’ll know how that spring semester went for me so I won’t go into great detail here. 

So what happened at my doctors appointment? Well both my parents went and we met with both my doctor and the head doctor because SOMETHING needed to get figured out. Basically, we concluded that my body had pretty much shut down from overload of treatment. We decided it was time to take a break from antibiotics.


ALL antibiotics! Yes, that means I got to get my picc line out! I was ecstatic when the docs said I could get it out because I went in there with one goal- to make them let me get it out. Mission accomplished and I didn’t even have to fight for it! My adrenals ARE SHOT. They have been for years so I am starting Cortef to see if that helps at all. I’m stopping B12 shots because they are doing absolutely nothing for me. We decided we are going to spend the next couple weeks letting my body rest and focusing on detoxing plus eradicating the mold. In two weeks I will start the heavy metals chelation protocol (4 days of oral chelation and 3 days of mineral replacement). I’m still taking all my supplements plus some Byron White detox formulas and BLT and Crypto-Plus by Researched Nutritionals (some herbal formulas for fighting Lyme, Bartonella, and Babesia). If I am handling everything alright (aka don’t die from not being on abx) over the next couple weeks we will start an herbal protocol. Most likely the Cowden protocol. This makes me very  happy because I am so over being on abx all the time. If I had stayed on them it would have been 2 years straight on abx in March…. yuck! My gut and mental-ness (yes I realize that is not a term but I’m making it one) need a break.

I already mentally feel so much better. It’s weird not having my picc and I felt a little empty at first. I mean, a pretty big part of my life for the past 7 months is now GONE. What?! It’s crazay. But not having to do the infusions every day and not having to take drugs every day is a huge mental break and I feel more positive already. I’m ready to fight this thing! EFFFF YOU LYME! I AM COMING FOR YOU AND I WILL FIND YOU AND I WILL WIN!

Image(my sad arm and my ridiculous smile)

I have now been off abx for 4 days… 4 whole days! I was doing okay until yesterday afternoon when I crashed and crashed hard! I think it was more my fault then not being on abx. I decided HEY, my picc is out! Let’s go to the gym and use my arm that I haven’t used in 7 months! … Poor choice, Victoria. My body was NOT ready for that. So I slept all afternoon and most of today (skipped class… oops). Then I took a detox bath and feel much better :). SO moral of this story: I’ve been off abx for 4 days and haven’t died yet- yay! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

So my goals over the next couple of weeks are to DETOX DETOX DETOX!

-Juice daily (2x daily but at least 1x if something comes up)

-Dry Brush daily

-Epsom salt baths 3-4 days a week at least (probably all I have time for with school)

-EAT CLEAN- mostly raw, some solid protein, whole foods, organic, drink bone broth (made some last night… yucky but I gotta do it for my gut!), alkalizing diet, lots of veggies! (I failed at this already yesterday but that is because I crashed and burned and had been gone earlier in the week so didn’t have a lot of food in the house…. MAJOR Grocery shopping trip this weekend and food planning for the week!)

-Lots of lemon water and tea

-Take all my supplements every day!

-Rest! My body needs some serious rest on top of detoxing so I need to make sure to do this

-Spend some time with friends- staying motivated and positive for me involves surrounding myself with awesome people and now that I’m not all consumed with IV’s I can spend at least 1 night a week catching up with a good friend.

-I’ll also be doing acupuncture and ozone enemas with the ND in town I mentioned in my previous post. Had my first ozone today and it went well but I haven’t noticed a difference (probably because we did a super low dose and it was my first one).

My family is thinking about getting a second opinion (from not a Lyme doc about not Lyme related illnesses) because we think I may have something else besides Lyme. Like something endocrinological related since I’ve had issues with my thyroid and adrenals (forev’s) and I don’t respond to treatment (like to ANYTHING) the way I should. But we’ll save that for another day and I have no idea right now.

When my nurse came to pull my line out she brought me a little gift, too. It was so sweet! She said since she won’t be around for graduation now (since my line is out) that this was my graduating from my picc line present :)- Beautiful earrings!

Image (Kind of a crappy pic, sorry!)

OKAYYYYY done with this long post and time to go to bed. Sorry if are bored to death now.

Hope you are all doing well! I’m also hoping to have a new recipe up soon- we’ll see what I get done this weekend.



12 thoughts on “A New Chapter…”

  1. You got this Torie! Everything will be alright. Keeping my fingers crossed for you and I think you should see an Endo. It took forever for at least 20 different docs to DX thyroid issues, spinal issues, lupus…blah blah. I just thought I had Fibro & Lyme only. Do all the blood tests you can. Request they do a T3 because they will skip it. Keep up the fight.


  2. Go victoria!! Love seeing a nice big smile. I believe you will heal! If bone broth is nasty by itself (i agree) try just making a veggie soup out of it or something. It’s a lot more palatable that way, promise.


    1. Thanks, Sam! Trying to keep that smile on more often ;). Yes, I’m thinking I need to make soup with it this weekend! Good to know it is more palatable that way and I’m not the only one who can’t just drink mugs of it every morning.


  3. I think your smile is beautiful 🙂 Remember you can have a herx like reaction to going OFF antibiotics too. It doesn’t just come from being on them. Take it easy on yourself. I’ve been told recently to remember this is a marathon, not a sprint. Good luck, good luck & good luck!


    1. Thank you! Yes, true… It’s hard for me to remember that this is a marathon (I hate cardio so I much prefer sprints to get things done faster 😉 ). I appreciate the encouraging words and I’m wishing your family the best, as well!


  4. So nice to see a huge smile! Sounds like a great idea to pay closer attention to the thyroid and adrenals. Interestingly I never got good Tx from my endocrinologist for my thyroid and have gotten better care from my ND. It’s kind of like Lyme – you need someone who does beyond the bare minimum test and give drugs routine. When you have labs also make sure they check your antibodies to see if your thyroid issues are autoimmune. Enjoy your break from the abx! I hope you have success with herbals and can stay off the darn things. Also, I can’t remember did you have the MTHFR genetic test to check for methylation/detox issues? That could be one more piece of the puzzle. Have fun enjoying your new freedom from the PICC line.


    1. Yeah, my Hoshimoto’s was diagnosed by a more holistic doc then any regular doc (they always said it was fine). I’m hoping we can make sure everything is functioning properly, though! Thank you for the encouragement- really hope I can stay of abx and herbals work, too! I actually just got genetic testing done to see if there are some genetic issues and I am waiting on the results. Seeing as everything else has always been positive (molds, heavy metals, co-infections, etc… yay, I am the problem child! 🙂 ), I’m sure we will find some genetic issue :p. But if there is a methylation/detox issue it will be nice to solve it because I’m sure it will help tremendously.


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