Raw Parsnip and Kale “Tabbouleh”

If you follow me on Instagram (or Facebook) you'll know I just got a Vitamix! My mom was so wonderful and bought me one because we figured it would save me energy in the kitchen since I can easily make almost every meal in it (smoothies, soups, sauces, salsas, etc). I'm so excited to use… Continue reading Raw Parsnip and Kale “Tabbouleh”


But The Food…

I survived a mini-vacation! My family and I went on a long weekend vacation to Santa Fe, New Mexico. My parents are moving there this summer and I had never been. I wanted to see where I would be spending the next year of my life after I graduate plus see some of the houses… Continue reading But The Food…


Raw Hemp-Pumpkin Seed and Spinach “Pesto” (Paleo, Vegan, Nut-Free)

So I posted a picture of this on my Instagram in January... promising the recipe soon. Oops, my bad. But I'm finally getting to it:). This is a wonderful "pesto" or sauce-type to cover raw zucchini noodles in (or on top of chicken or fish or anything else you may want to smother in it… Continue reading Raw Hemp-Pumpkin Seed and Spinach “Pesto” (Paleo, Vegan, Nut-Free)