10 Tips to deal with chronic illness

4 thoughts on “10 Tips to deal with chronic illness”

  1. Hi Victoria, I am also Victoria, except that I use Vicki because my father used to use the full name when he was angry at me, so it has negative associations. Anyway, I liked this post here and on the original poster’s blog, because I am following you both. I am very new to Lyme disease, and there is so much to learn. It is overwhelming. I haven’t posted much about it because I’m still learning. But I’m starting to realize just how many of my other conditions could be related.
    After several years of physical therapy for herniated disks and fibromyalgia (I was misdiagnosed as ONLY having fibromyalgia–I will post about that), I am finally doing rehab Pilates. I want to get back into doing some sort of light cardio like walking, although I know I can’t do hard workouts as I did before I got sick. It’s great to see someone who has this disease and works out. Inspiring. Cheers–Vicki


    1. I used to go by Vicky and my family calls me Torie but when I left for college I went back to Victoria. Complicated, I know ;). Yay for the same name! I liked this post, too, and I’m glad you enjoyed it, as well. There is an INCREDIBLE amount of information to learn about Lyme and I’ve learned more then I ever thought I would in the past two years. I’m still learning, everyday, and developing the right treatment plan. I’ve realized a lot is connected to Lyme (I basically think it causes all problems ;P haha). I think the biggest though is detoxing and our bodies ability to get rid of toxins from our environment and food and whatnot. I think toxins truly cause the issues and allow the Lyme to thrive in the first place.
      Herniated discs are rough, I’m glad that got diagnosed and you have been seeing a physical therapist. Rehab pilates sounds really interesting and therapeutic! I’m also glad you’ve been able to pick up your exercise a bit. Unfortunately, I’ve been limited to just yoga the past few months and will be for the next 6-12 (due to some new health news which I will be making a post about).I miss being able to do heavy lifting and hard workouts but we will get back to that eventually :). I’m here to support you and cheer you on!
      Feel free to comment or email if you want to chat more! ❤ Wishing you health and happiness


  2. Oh my God, my family calls me Tory also (except when my father is angry with me, which is when he uses Victoria). For some reason they spell “Tory” with a “y” like the British political party, which, since we are American, never made sense to me. I agree with you so much about the detoxing. I developed a whole bunch of skin allergies to chemicals in beauty products. I have a list from my dermatologist of safe products I can use. I try to eat completely organic foods, no gluten/sugar/dairy/nightshades/high-histamine foods etc. and I try to minimize my contact with chemicals, but they’re everywhere. My LLMD is also an environmental illness doctor, and he wrote a book, which I hope to review if I can ever finish it. Right now I just started Dr. Horowitz’s book. It’s interesting because he talks about being compassionate to the patient, but his reviews say he’s kind of abrasive in person. I almost went to see him because I’m in New York, but he’s two hours away.
    Sorry to hear about your new health problem! Ugh, as if we don’t have enough to deal with. 😦 I really miss the weights and the hard workouts too. The rehab Pilates is nice because I do it with a physical therapist. She gives me these exercises that look easy, but then when you do them you really feel it targeting the muscle. I have a home mat exercise routine I do also. I hope you are able to get back to the weights and the other stuff, and I hope the yoga is helpful in the meantime.
    I cheer you on also, and wish you health and happiness as well. 🙂 –Other Victoria


  3. Chemicals are everywhere! It is so frustrating. I try to minimize them too but it is hard. That’s cool your LLMD is also an environmental doctor, I’m sure you’ve learned a lot from him! I’ve been working on Dr. Horowitz’s book for a couple months now…. slowly getting through it :). What book did your doc write? I was going to see Dr. Horowitz but he doesn’t even have a wait list right now. Yeah I’ve heard he’s rough in person which is weird because the book makes him seem so personable and compassionate (although, he did write it!). Yoga is somewhat helpful, it’s just never been my thing. My goal is going to be to work on handstands so hopefully that is enough to keep me on the yoga train- I’ve got to do something! 🙂


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