Easy Blueberry Coconut Milk Ice Cream WITHOUT an Ice Cream Maker (Paleo/Vegan/Raw)


It’s summer and who doesn’t want ice cream to cool off on a hot day?! Well I love ice cream but finding a Lyme approved version in the grocery store can be quite difficult. It is easy to find dairy free ice cream these days but to find one that isn’t loaded with sugar or fake sugar is almost impossible. I decided I wanted to make my own BUT I didn’t want to have to deal with my ice cream maker. I wanted something easy and simple. I also was craving blueberries and wanted an authentic blueberry ice cream… not ice cream with fake blueberry flavoring in it. So I figured out how to make a VERY simple ice cream and thought it was worth sharing.


1 can of chilled full fat coconut milk

1 cup of blueberries

1 tablespoon of honey, melted (optional)*

*Coconut milk is already relatively sweet and then you get the natural sugars from the blueberries but if you like your ice cream on the sweeter side the honey does just the trick without it being overboard.

First, you need to smash up your blueberries. You can do this however you like, a few options include using a fork to mash them in a bowl or put them into a ziplock bag and smash them with a jar/hammer/etc.

Now shake up your can of coconut milk and pour into a bowl. Add in your blueberries and honey if using. 

Use a hand mixer to mix everything up and get your mixture a little frothy. You only need to blend for a few minutes.

Pour into either a glass bowl or freezer safe tupperware container. Place into the freezer for 4-6 hours or until you have the desired ice cream consistency you want, taking your mixture out to mix it every 45-60 minutes. This mixing is more important towards the first half to keep any blueberry chunks from sinking to the bottom of your ice cream. If you don’t plan on eating your ice cream as soon as it reaches the perfect consistency then you will need to take the ice cream out of the freezer to soften a bit and mix before serving.


This recipe is SUPER easy and it’s nice to make in the afternoon because it is perfectly ready by after dinner… a delicious summer dessert. I’ve been enjoying mine with some fried plantains on top!


6 thoughts on “Easy Blueberry Coconut Milk Ice Cream WITHOUT an Ice Cream Maker (Paleo/Vegan/Raw)”

  1. Awesome! I really thought my ice cream days were over, but this looks amazing! Do you think I could use stevia glycerite instead of honey? I can binge on honey. I can binge on any sweet thing I have around the house, except stevia because it tastes nasty by itself. Seriously, I once drank agave syrup from the bottle. 😮


    1. Yes you could def stevia instead. I totally get that- I do the same thing! I don’t keep sweeteners in the house either but my mom has them here at home. Not gonna lie- I’ve had a couple spoonfuls of honey straight from the jar 😮

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    1. I use Thai Kitchen because I know it’s gluten free but any full fat coconut milk in the can works (most are gluten free). It shouldn’t contain sugar! you can find it in the ethnic aisle at any grocery store.


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