Lyme Disease Challenge

Lyme Disease has been called “the great imitator” and can be mistaken for numerous diseases such as ALS, MS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease, autism and other difficult-to-diagnose multi-system illnesses.

March kicked off the Lyme Disease Challenge to help raise awareness about Lyme disease and raise money for research (think ALS ice bucket challenge-esq).

How the challenge works:

1. Post a photo or video of you taking a bite of a lime

2. Share a fact about Lyme disease, like the one I shared above

3. Donate at least $10 to ILADS

You can learn more about the challenge and how to participate HERE

So far, I’d say it’s been a success. I have had an amazing amount of support with this challenge.

Not only did some of my amazing friends participate without me even asking…


But BOTH of my jobs have!

All my coworkers at Verde Juice in Santa Fe recorded a video and my boss donated $100 to ILADS

IMG_8685IMG_8687 You can watch our full video on either the @verdejuice Instagram page OR on Facebook

And at Anytime Fitness Santa Fe, they made the Lyme disease challenge the theme of the month. We are trying to see how many people we can get to take the challenge.

IMG_8684 You can visit their Facebook page to follow along as members take the challenge.

I truly hope this challenge can help raise awareness and get doctors, the CDC, and everyone important out there TO LISTEN,  to hear the pain that all of us lymies are screaming, and to make a difference.

Just to remind you all what we go through as chronic illness sufferers….


Please help raise awareness and TAKE A BITE OUT OF LYME!

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