Carrot Apricot Protein Bars (AIP, raw, paleo)

i'm a snacker. I don't really like eating big meals during the day, it makes me lethargic (and we all know I'm already exhausted as is). I like snacks, they are more fun and it means you can eat more often. But I get tired of the usual… larabars, nuts, plain fruit. Store bought protein… Continue reading Carrot Apricot Protein Bars (AIP, raw, paleo)

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Tummy Calming Banana-Berry Ginger Smoothie

The past few weeks I have been dealing with A LOT of nausea. My tummy has always been a mess but this extreme nausea is pretty new. Smoothies seem to be the calmest thing on my stomach and easy to digest so I've been making a lot of them. I have a favorite which I… Continue reading Tummy Calming Banana-Berry Ginger Smoothie