LDI Update

After my last post in regards to LDI treatment, I received A LOT of feedback. Especially from people who were searching it online and my blog came up. I received many emails and comments (both on my blog and on Instagram) asking questions about LDI, how it was going, how they can start this treatment. I am more then happy to help all of you but, just a small reminder, I am not a doctor and this is only MY experience. I am so happy to share it, though :).


So, since I last posted I have taken 6 doses! Here’s how it worked: I started at 15c (yes we dropped way back from my original 8c dose) and then every week I dropped 1c lower (15->14->13, etc). The idea was to drop 1c until I took a dose that made me feel GOOD after and not herx. Dr. Vincent recently changed his protocol where if you had no response to a dose you could take another one the next week instead of waiting 7 weeks. Now, if you have a negative reaction (herx) you must wait the 7 weeks.

I made it down to 11c post-vacation and felt alright the following day (aka, I didn’t need a nap). But I wasn’t sure if it was the LDI or just that post-vacation high (and having gotten tons of rest) so I took 10c last week. I have felt crappy ever since and I’m not sure if it is the LDI either. I think the LDI kicked off a herx and then Lyme just set in. I saw my doctor this afternoon and we have decided 11c will be my dose for now. This means I wait another 7 weeks before the next shot of 11c.

It can take up to 6 months to find your ideal dose and it can take even longer to really feel effects of LDI. It takes time for it to work and ideally after every dose the positive effects will last a little longer.

The next thing that is going to be added to my treatment regimen is bee venom therapy. I am starting with some topical bee venom and then will soon add in the actual bee stings. I am very excited to begin this treatment as I have heard some very positive results from it (cough BROOKE cough… among others). I also have some other exciting treatment options that I will be adding in but won’t be sharing about those quite yet. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated along the way!


8 thoughts on “LDI Update”

    1. Technically, no… I know Dr. Vincent says to not do any other treatments JUST LDI. But my doctor is having me do multiple treatments along with LDI. He just believes we need to attack my Lyme and help my body as much as possible. There are different schools of thought. Let me know if you begin and how it goes!


  1. I start LDIBfor Lyme at the end of summer and am so hopeful. I stumbled onto your blog and love it. Your food prep is inspiring. You go girl!!!


  2. I wish the post on LDI were more current. Seems everyone says they are getting started and will report back but never do. Very frustrating


    1. You can only get an LDI shot every 7-8 weeks and it can take up to 6 months to even find your dose! So it is a long process and unfortunately people won’t have answers quickly. We *think* we’ve found my dose but I don’t receive my next shot for another couple of weeks. I am hoping to have something to report after that shot. I’ll be writing an update either way but I won’t necessarily feel many changes. There is a Facebook LDI group if you’d like to join that to hear more people’s experiences. Many people seem to feel better for a couple days after a correct dose but the effects last longer with each shot so it just takes time!


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