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Treatment Update 12/15

How often would you all like a treatment update? I do it pretty spontaneously, mostly based on major changes in treatment or how I’m feeling. But I can happily do it once a month if you’d be interested in keeping up with my progress more often and in a more official manner. Just let me know in the comments what you would like!


This past month has been pretty rough. At the end of October I made a week long trip back to DC for a grad school interview and to see old friends. That seemed to set of a series of events upon returning to Santa Fe. I felt very run down by the end of my trip (for obvious reasons) but couldn’t quite seem to recover like I normally do after a few days of intense detoxing. A week after my return to NM, I came down with what I believe was the flu. Let me tell you, real people sick IS NOT FUN! I haven’t had the flu since I was a kid…. I’m not sure where or how I got it (I’m assuming from traveling) but, it sucked. I managed to sleep it off, get some ear ozone to speed up the healing process, and get through it fairly quickly. It seemed to linger after that, though.

Also, if you didn’t know, I got a port-a-cath placed. It took 3 attempts to finally get to the clinic to do it. Try 1: I requested a specific doctor and when I got there it was not him. So I refused the surgery and rescheduled. Try 2: I had the flu and surgery+fever does not mix. Try 3: WIN! The day before Thanksgiving, a week after the flu, I drove down to Albuquerque, had my surgery with the best of the best, and came home to recover with a big, yummy Thanksgiving meal the next day.

But, alas, nothing is easy with me. I had an allergic reaction to Chlorhexidine, the antiseptic they use to clean your skin before surgery and before any port access. My chest and neck were covered in a very red, very itchy rash (which you can see the remains of in the pictures below). I had to pause treatment for a moment to let it heal. I’ve healed. We’re good. Don’t worry. I get the special cleaning cream now.

THEN, this past Friday I couldn’t stop throwing up. I couldn’t keep anything down, not even a sip of water. Luckily my doctor and nurses are amazing, got me in for fluids and anti-neasua meds, and made me feel SO much better.

The magnesium in my fluid drip made me so hot they had to cover me in ice packs

Woah woah woah let’s back up a few steps. In a previous post I mentioned that I stopped LDI treatment. Yes, I stopped it. It wasn’t working for me and it just seemed pointless to keep going, at least for right now. Different treatments work for different people so it’s possible LDI just wasn’t for me. Dr. Vincent also says that if you are doing LDI, to stop all other killing protocols. Well, I was still on other treatment protocols. Lots of factors here, folks. But we had to make the decision we thought was best for me.

And now only backing up a couple of steps. I GOT A PORT! WHAT?! Yes, I have this little thing in my chest that leads to my heart and makes my IV’s so much easier! It’s like a picc line in your chest. So, what do I use it for?

Current Treatment Protocol:

2x/week ozone therapy and glutathione push (soon to add in phosphytidal choline push)

2x/week bee venom therapy

2x/month therapy to work on the mental aspect of Lyme

the usual round of supplements (leave a comment below if you’d like to see my current pill regimen)

Herbals: Japanese knottwood, ABAB by Byron White, Biocidin for biofilm busting

My usual detoxing

We may eventually be adding to my IV protocol (actually, probably, will be) but we have to ease in and see how things are working, first. Now that I have this port I’ll be able to do some IV’s at home which makes it cheaper and easier.

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

How am I feeling? No different. As you saw, it was a rough month. Who knows if I had a few different bugs/viruses that were working their way through my system or if I’ve been herxing a lot from the new rounds of treatment (including ozone and finally having worked up to a full bee appointment). All I can do is keep pushing and see what happens next.

I hope everyone is doing well or at least hanging in there and you’ve all had a cheerful start to the holiday season.

As always, sending my love and healing to each and every one of you!

11 thoughts on “Treatment Update 12/15”

  1. Thanks for sharing your treatment. I like to see what everyone is doing. I’m currently in a hold pattern, just detoxing, planning on ramping up again after holidays. Question for you…do you feel a herx with the Biocidin? I was planning on aging that soon. I have to go all natural as abx overload my liver. The description said it acted as a natural antibiotic, ridding the body of bacteria.


    1. Biocidin busts biofilms allowed for abx or herbals or your immune system to get at, attack, and kill the lyme. So you can definitely herx from it. I mildly herxed and I ramp up VERY slowly. So if you did start it, start slow and adjust along with extra detoxing 🙂


  2. Hi Victoria,
    Seems like its been a tough fall for a few of us Lymies. I have been sick since beginning of October when I went off antibiotics to start the LDI. While I have had a good response to LDI, eg. less muscle burn and inflammation, my immune system took a big nose dive. I work with a naturopath and we have built up the upper resp system which was a mess. Then we explored the big bad MOLD, and I have it in the house big time. On three floors so no getting away from it. This is leading me down a very expensive remediation and renovation road. But the positive is that once that mold exposure is under control, the LDI for inhalants (which has mold in it) will have a further positive effect. So, onward.

    Your symptoms and detox story sounds so much like my sister’s. Yes, after getting my diagnosis, and learning about Lyme, I suggested my sister get tested this summer as she has been suffering horribly for several years with no clear diagnosis. She has significant liver detox issues , so she is constantly having bad herxes/detox reactions. But, she said that after years of no improvement with conventional doctors, she is finally seeing change with the treatment by the naturopath I see. One thing they found is that the glutithioane that her internist had her on was just too much for her system, so she took her off that temporarily.

    Lyme is so unique and damned slippery. What works for one sister, doesn’t work for the other. I send you all my best energies for healing. Keep up the positive spirits. I joined LymeLessLiveMore to support my fragile spirit. I am in a really tough place in life right now but I keep putting one foot in front of the other. We all do. Sisters in Lyme,



    1. Hi Patty,
      always lovely to hear from you! Eek, I am sorry about the mold issue. I have been there. My college apartment had HORRENDOUS mold (which we didn’t figure out until I moved out). I did some major mold treatment for myself and noticed quite a difference upon leaving that environment. So although it is expensive and overwhelming, keep pushing because it will be worth it!

      Is your sister doing lots of at home detoxing like I mention in the linked post? It will be very helpful for her to do so if she has liver issues. I have definitely noticed I need to be careful with glutathione. Something about it… if I have too much I feel way worse. I am also thinking about taking a break from it and seeing how I feel. Will keep you posted!

      I know how emotionally damaging and challenging Lyme can be, I’ve been there and still struggle greatly with it. I am always here if you’d like to talk or have someone to vent too (just shoot me an email!). I’m sending my best and I know you are strong enough to get through this. The Lyme community is a beautiful one!


  3. Sorry to hear you have been going through all this. 💚💚 My doctor wants to do LDI but I hear mixed things. Right now my stomach has gone crazy so I’m off antibiotics and herbals for a bit.


  4. You’re amazing!!! So glad that you came to DC so I could MEET YOU and see your lovely face in person but also sad the travel wiped you out. But you got this girl! I see health in your future 🙂


  5. Ick! I’m sorry you had a rough month hun! I hope the new treatment is starting to help! What is the mark at the base of your neck in those pictures though? 😦

    I’m looking forward to seeing you in a couple weeks! Love you!


  6. Hi Victoria,my name is Adrian, i too am beginning my journey…i also am doing bvt thanks to gillians referal,got some full stings today.. i too am trying to get a port put in i am here in albuquerque,who put yours in? and have just started some electroherbalism..have you done any abx yet? How is your histamine response to food. Who all have you seen ? So many questions i just want to connect and share here anytime if you need to talk or anything.


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