How to Follow Through with Your 2016 Goals

We are a little over 2 weeks into the New Year. Almost a month in, really, when you look at the calendar and see it’s the 19th and February is fast approaching. I’m sure many of you made New Years resolutions and it’s just about time that resolve is starting to fade. So how do you keep going?

Maybe it seems odd that I’m posting about this. It’s not food related or directly Lyme related (oh how the dots connect, though) and I’ve never really posted about this kind of thing before. So let me explain. First of all, my blog is a health blog overall. Second of all, this post doesn’t just pertain to New Years resolutions. It relates to every goal you’ve ever had or will have. It relates to every hard effort and resolution to make changes with your health, and I mean in relation to a chronic illness, too. I know there are things I should be doing or want to try to do for my healing but sometimes it’s overwhelming or exhausting. I would never ever be able to get through treatment and keep up with my health if it weren’t for these tips.

Here is to figuring out how to make those changes stick, whether you’re sick or not, whether your goal is remission or to lose 10 pounds.

Want to eat more veggies or drink more juice? You can


I want to share 4 of my favorite tips that I hope can help you reach your goals:

1. LISTS! Holy crap, I love lists! I love organizing! First, make a list of your goals. Don’t just think of them in your head, WRITE THEM DOWN! We are in the generation of technology and most of us just use our phones these days for scheduling or making quick notes. But here is what I want you to do, write your goals and schedule down on a piece of paper you can hang on your door and see every. single. morning. Why? If it’s a list on your phone you’ll only see it if you open that app. If it’s written on a piece of paper that you HAVE to see every morning as you walk out of your room, you will constantly be reminded of what you want to accomplish and it will be harder to ignore.

2. PLAN! You all know the saying “fail to plan is planning to fail.” As annoying as it is, it’s true. So plan. Don’t just write down that you are going to work out 3x/week, LOOK at your schedule NOW and plan the days where it will actually be feasible. Put it in your schedule as an appointment and then don’t touch it or change it. It’s set, on a day you know you have time. DONE. Plan ahead, always.

One of my goals is to drink lemon water every morning when I wake up. So I’ve started prepping the water the night before and putting it on my bedside table. And I’ve set aside 5 minutes every morning to stretch before starting my day. I make a grocery list every week and shop every Saturday so I have the food I want and can eat vegan with no hiccups. You get the idea.

3. Adjust your schedule. Maybe you have stuff you want to add into your life but don’t (think you) have time. Take a moment to really look at your life and see where you can save time on certain things, or cut other things out, or wake up 5 minutes earlier to mediate in the morning or make juice. It really is all about organization. Yes, there are days where you don’t have time to do it all and that is okay. Find the days (even if it is just once a week) you can fit in the goals you have for that day. Baby changes are better then nothing at all. You’ll be surprised how those habits will click and you’ll suddenly find time for them once you realize how much you enjoy them or they help you.

4. Be prepared. I realize the first three steps I mentioned are already about planning and preparing but seriously, that is what it is all about! That is how you accomplish goals, you make plans you can follow. By being prepared, I mean being f****** prepared! If you plan to eat healthier or vegan or raw, PACK SNACKS whenever you leave the house. You never know what might happen, what foods will be available, when you might get hungry. I never leave the house without something in my purse. Be prepared for changes in your schedule, have back up plans ready. Be prepared to hit the gym if you end up having an hour break in your day… aka keep a gym bag packed in your car. ALWAYS HAVE A PLAN B and be prepared for every variation of the day.Okay? Good. Now go kick ass this year!

I love lists and plans and schedules. Even if I don’t stick to them perfectly, I have a general plan/outline/idea

I’ve given you the big ideas. Now I want to hear about what YOU do to help you reach your goals and stick to your resolutions. Leave a comment letting me know!


2 thoughts on “How to Follow Through with Your 2016 Goals”

  1. Victoria,

    This was a really great post! I really loved seeing your schedule. I found that to be very helpful. It reminded me to take a few things off my plate and find more balance and time for self-care. Chronic Lyme Disease sometimes requires TLC.


    1. I’m so glad you found it helpful! Yes, it is very important to find time for self-care. I hope you are able to fit more of that into your schedule and remember to allow your body to rest when it needs.


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