Creamy Cauliflower Sauce with Coodles (Vegan/Paleo)

This is a healthier, vegan version of your classic creamy white sauce. Packed with veggies and served over cucumber noodles, it's the perfect lunch or light dinner. I tested it over three different types of noodles for you all to find the perfect combo. Although this sauce can be served over any type of noodle,… Continue reading Creamy Cauliflower Sauce with Coodles (Vegan/Paleo)


Vegan Green Curry (Low-Fat/AIP)

Me: "I could eat curry forever! It is soooo good!" Mom: "You mean you could eat it for the next two weeks straight until you become completely sick of it." Me: "No, there are so many options. Green curry, red curry, yellow curry…" Mom: "Mhm…" I have a bad habit of becoming obsessed with a food/meal and… Continue reading Vegan Green Curry (Low-Fat/AIP)


Sweet Red Lentil Chili

Since going plant-based I've discovered a deep love for red lentils. I make them on the regular, sometimes just plain to eat, but sometimes in delicious recipes like this one. Posts haven't been as regular since I've been busy traveling for grad school interviews but I'm back at the end of the week and hoping… Continue reading Sweet Red Lentil Chili