My Lyme Disease Story 

I just posted my Lyme Disease story on YouTube! I’m sorry it’s so long, I even left parts out and started to rush at the end to get it all in and not make it a movie. BUT I’ve dealt with lyme most of my life so it’s long… in the description box I did mention the times when I talk about certain issues and treatments if you’re looking for something specific. 

I get a lot of questions about my story, what I’m doing for treatment, what I’ve tried, did it work etc and so I wanted to be able to direct everyone to the video instead of typing it out all the time. I truly hope this video is helpful. 

If you want me to make more specific videos on any treatment or protocols that I mentioned in this one, just let me know! 

I so appreciate everyone’s support through this crazy disease 💚

6 thoughts on “My Lyme Disease Story ”

  1. Hi! Really good to see you! I finally got back to blogging and I just watched your video. It’s amazing how much you have dealt with and how strong and focused you are. You inspire me to keep going. I had mono too before my Lyme diagnosis (positive blood test but I think it was reactivated by the Lyme) and I’m still treating the thyroid stuff. I had to stop antibiotics too because of an ulcer. I’m taking a couple of the Cowden herbs and one Byron White and I might start the UV light therapy. It’s all so crazy and no one understands why I go to so many medical appointments. I haven’t been able to really work out again but I’m still doing rehab Pilates ( I graduated to that from physical therapy). Oh well. We keep trying, right? 💚


    1. Thanks for watching the vid, girl! It’s good to have you back, i’ve been wondering how you are and where you’ve been. I know how rough it all is. That’s still awesome you are doing pilates! Baby steps. We just keep going ❤


  2. Victoria,
    thank you for posting your story. No matter how similar our lives are in our battle with Lyme disease and finding and getting the right treatment for our illnesses, our stories are very different in how we came to our diagnosis. I had no idea after following your blog that your story to getting to Lyme was so long and. complicated. Each of our stories take different roads and criss cross at various times. There are highs and lows on the journey for sure. And I’m sure we’ve all hit the point when we’ve just had to stop the antibiotics. I loved hearing this background to your blogging self. you are a light out there for us all. I’ve been hearing about new technology which is not Rife but is done with computer and sounds/wavelength coming out of Europe. I think it is being released in February. So I’m keen to learn more about this and make more recovery on my end. I tried to return to the workplace but couldn’t the physical and emotional demands and this has been a big bump in my recovery story. I’m hoping for another return with greater sustainability in the future. all my best to you, Patty


    1. You said it all perfectly, Patty. It’s certainly been a long and complicated journey. I know of Rife, It’s been around quite a while it just isn’t FDA approved in the states so doctors can’t prescribe/use it (but people can buy their own and learn to use it). I know many people who have used rife with success. I have yet to try it because I just haven’t been drawn to it, but maybe give it a go soon. Keep me posted if you give it a go! You will get back to work stronger then ever, I know it! ❤


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