Picc Line vs. Port-a-Cath

I get loads of questions asking me about picc lines and port-a-caths so I decided to just make a video talking all about them! I discuss what they’re for, the differences, how to prepare and recovery from the placement procedure of each, long term care tips, and just some overall tips & tricks.

I hope this video is helpful for some of you!

5 thoughts on “Picc Line vs. Port-a-Cath”

  1. This was very informative. Thank you for this!

    I do have a question. If you have to pay out of pocket, which is cheaper? And what would the cost be for a pick line vs a port?

    Also, if you’re doing nutritional IVs instead of antibiotic IVs, would it still work? The only reason I ask is because nutritional IVs are different from antibiotic IVS.


    1. I’m glad it was helpful. The picc is cheaper out of pocket but I’m not sure the costs (I think a picc is around $1000 but a port will be more expensive due to the procedure being more complex).

      Yes, you can use a picc or port for any type of IV’s. I don’t do antibiotic treatment, I use my port for all alternative therapies and nutritional IV’s.


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