Lyme Update September 2017

I know I promised you all a full update post, but some life stuff happened and I don’t feel ready to share it all, yet. For now, I’ve moved back to Colorado, I’m seeing a new Lyme doctor, and I’ve recorded a video detailing my latest Lyme disease treatment plan.

I’m finally working on some new recipes that will get posted in the coming weeks. And when I feel ready I will be providing a full life update. I am going to keep up with Lyme treatment updates, either monthly or when my treatment changes dramatically enough. Health wise, I’ve been on a plateau for quite some time. One that my family and I sort of just hoped would shift on it’s own, I think. We’ve finally realized I haven’t been proactive enough and that some real changes needed to be made. So, we will see how things with this new doctor go.

My main symptoms still include (what can sometimes be completely debilitating) digestive issues and chronic fatigue. I also still deal with ear ringing and brain fog. I’m super sensitive to stress, which is fairly common in the chronic illness world. And lately I’ve been having more joint/muscle pain/stiffness, which could also be a result of herxing.

I have some upcoming appointments that I’m looking forward to. I’m seeing an immunologist, I have a follow up with my geneticist, and then exploring options for my support system here in Denver (therapists, chiropractors, etc).

How have you all been feeling? The change in seasons always gets me on top of everything else. Have you found a treatment that’s been helping you? Let me know, I love staying connected with everyone ❤

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