What is Muscle Testing?! And How to Self Energy Test at Home

I’ve used muscle testing as a part of my treatment over the past few years to help determine what is going on in my body and what treatments I may need to be using. In this video I explain what muscle testing and ART even are plus I share 3 ways to self energy test at home if you don’t have access to a practitioner.

Have you used muscle testing? If so, how was your experience?

3 thoughts on “What is Muscle Testing?! And How to Self Energy Test at Home”

  1. I’ve used the body sway method once or twice. But, personally, I didn’t like the idea of standing just to use a method. So I ended up using a different muscle testing method (I’ve used 2, but I’m more proficient at one). It’s found in the emotion code book.

    The first one uses a fist with the pinky sticking out, and then basically using that pinky like a practitioner would use your arm by pressing it with the other finger. The other method was to loop the first finger and thumb of both hands to where they were connected. If you could pull it out, it was a yes, and if you couldn’t, it was a no.

    The only problem with those methods, is that you have to be precise with pressure. If you press too hard, you’re going to get a yes anyways. Also, I found it could make my pinky sore.

    I’ve heard of the pendulum method before, but I have yet to try it.

    I have a question, I know you said that you have to connect with it, but does it have to be a literal pendulum or an actual crystal? I have a necklace, and I really like it. It’s actually charged with the chi of the earth, and it works to make more the general chi, or the aura, flow properly. Would that work for the pendulum method?

    Also, one more question. I find that if I do to many questions, for some reason, my body fritzs. Its like it will only give a yes, no matter what, even if it’s something untrue, like the wrong name. It’s like my body gets overloaded. Is that normal, or am I doing something wrong?

    Thank you for the lovely video!


    1. I’m glad you found this video useful, thanks for watching! Yes I’ve heard of those self muscle testing methods but they’ve always seemed difficult to do on yourself so I never found them useful, personally. It is about getting the pressure just right! I’ve always been told to use a crystal but if this necklace is charged with the chi of the earth it may work. I would check your answers with another method you are comfortable and familiar with to see if it is producing the same results and therefore a reliable “gadget.”

      My body also overloads if I do too many questions so I only tend to do one or a couple at a time. If you are also dealing with illness, I think it can just be a lot on our systems. I also think it just takes a lot of practice and if you aren’t an expert at it yet, it may be that your body fritz’s. I’ve noticed that people who are really good at it can ask a lot of questions and roll through things fairly quickly. I’m not at that point and it takes a lot more for me to settle and get in touch with my body to allow it to tell me what it wants/needs.


      1. That’s a good idea to check it against another method. Goodness knows, if I can use my necklace instead of the finger methods, it will be a lot easier on my fingers and hands!

        Sometimes I actually have to wait a few hours before trying again. It’s like I have to give time for things to reset.

        Thank you for the valuable advice!


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