Holiday Gift Guide for the Health Nut in Your Family

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I’ve never done this before, but I thought it would be fun to put together a little gift guide for that health nut or spoonie in your family. I know it can be hard to figure out what to get someone to begin with, let alone someone who deals with a chronic illness or is holistically health focused.

I reached out to my health and spoonie community to get even more ideas of great products or gifts they’ve loved. I also wanted to be able to support some small businesses and spoonie businesses so I’ve included some amazing products created by others in our community!

Hopefully you find these suggestions helpful and be sure to list in the comments any other great ideas you have!

Kitchen/Food Related:

Green Pan Cookware Set– Non-toxic, non-stick cookware set


Redmond RealSalt Organic Seasoning Gift Set– Perfect MSG and chemical free seasonings for the cook in your house

40 oz. Stainless Steel Water Bottle- You’ll be sure to stay hydrated with this big water bottle! Stainless steel and BPA free, vacuum seals to keep drinks hot or cold

Omega Juicer– masticating juicer to make healthy juices without losing the important nutrients and enzymes


Spiralizer– Switch up the way you eat veggies! Great for making veggie pastas

Stainless Steel Mandoline– Another way to make chopping veggies easier and switch up your slices. Stainless steel for BPA free eating!

Aqua gear Water Pitcher– I love this pitcher because it not only filters heavy metals and chlorine, but fluoride too!

Bamboo Utensils– sustainable, re-usable on the go utensils

Hand Made Pottery Mugs & More– Another small business that supports Lyme Disease awareness selling beautiful handmade pottery mugs without handles and plates


Other ideas: Gift cards to the persons favorite allergy-friendly restaurant or health food store. Their favorite diet-approved cookbook. Ingredients in a jar for a recipe they love and CAN eat given food restrictions or allergies.


Portable Far-Infrared Sauna- A portable version of one of the best kinds of sauna’s for detoxing your body from treatment, heavy metals, and more!


Dry Brush– great for detoxing, see my post about dry brushing here

Other Ideas: Detox bath kit (a little box or jar filled with epsom salts and herbs or essential oils)

Healthy Home:

Sprite Bath Filter- Tap water contains heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride and more! Before a relaxing bath or your daily detox bath, filter out the nasty stuff for safer, cleaner you time.


Shower Head Filter- Like above, you don’t want to be showering in tap water either


URPower Diffuser- Perfect for diffusing essential oils as a natural way to keep your home smelling good and for various health benefits


Redmond Earthpaste Toothpaste with Charcoal- Awesome toothpaste equipped with activated charcoal for natural whitening power

Aunt Fannie’s Cleaning Vinegar (and any of their other cleaning products!)- completely non-toxic household cleaning agents



Jasmine Organics deodorant– all natural and organic deodorant with no aluminum, parabens or other nasty ingredients that can clog your poors and increase your toxic load

Ina Dayle’s Beauty Products– I’ve linked directly to her site, just hit the shop button. She hand makes amazing beauty products from natural and organic ingredients you could probably eat 😉


Khus+Khus Copious Body Serum– this product raves benefits from healthy skin to helping with pain and even anxiety+stress

Sickness Remedy– avoid getting sick (or sick on sick if you have a chronic illness) by using this all natural, handmade anti-sick remedy of essential oils


Non-Toxic Beauty Products– The Organic Bunny carries tons of non-toxic beauty and body products from various brands all in one place! From makeup to moisturizer, they’ve got you covered. Independently owned.

Teleties– These are hair ties that DON’T damage your hair! A small business that helps support the Global Lyme Alliance


Squatty Potty- need I say more?


Rice Hot Packs– I like to find handmade ones on Etsy to support small business

AwareCause Jewelry– This jewelry line was designed to help raise awareness for various illnesses, including Lyme. 10% of the proceeds are donated to a charity associated with each illness, depending on which necklace you buy

BugBeWear Clothing- Insect repellent clothing, great for repelling ticks if you’re going to be outdoors

Comfy Sweatpants– Love these sweats/PJ bottoms from H&M for a loose, warm, comfortable pant to spend my days in.

Other ideas: comfortable cotton clothing like shirts and nightgowns. You want to try and find materials that are loose and soft.

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