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My Favorite (Pre-Packaged) AIP Snacks & Treats

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Yes, I’m sharing PRE-PACKAGED food ideas! Shocker? Sometimes we just don’t have time to make EVERYTHING from scratch! It’s not always feasible and we need easy, healthy on-the-go snacks. Or hey, we are just too tired and want someone else to make our food! I make a lot of my food and snacks from scratch with whole foods, but I’ve found some great companies that make healthy AIP/paleo approved snacks and treats made from whole foods, as well.

I figured I’d share my favorites with you today in case you need some new snacks in your life or easy alternatives. There are actually a lot of AIP pre-packaged snacks on the market these days, but I’m sharing my top favorites. Almost all are vegan and they are all nightshade free.


  1. Artisan Tropics Plantain & Cassava Strips- Miss your chips? Not anymore! This company is AWESOME! It’s a family owned business. Not only are their chips AIP approved they are also non-GMO and vegan. They make plantain and cassava strips and each flavor has only 3 main ingredients. They have plantain chips in sea salt, naturally sweet, cinnamon, and cayenne. They also make cassava strips, which will have you questioning whether you are eating real potato chips or not.


2. Dang Coconut Chips– I LOVE coconut chips as a snack. They are filling due to the high (healthy) fat and a great healthy alternative for that crunchy chip you may be missing. I also have a great recipe on my site for Salt & Vinegar Coconut Chips that I make all the time (I know, I know this post is about NOT having to cook!)

3. Rhythm Superfoods Beet Chips– I love the Naked flavor because you get the sweetness of the beet and there is NO other ingredients but beets! These are a fun vegetable chip snack.


4. Artisana Coconut Butter– I love coconut butter! It satisfies my sweet tooth without all the processed sugar. I eat this by the spoonful or drizzle over fruit for dessert. This company is wonderful because their products are raw, organic, and pure with no added oils or sugars. They also sell them in single-serving packets for on the go or portion control.

5. Paleo Angel Power Balls– This company makes AIP protein balls, essentially. They have a bunch of different flavors to choose from and since they are high protein they are quite filling and a great snack!

6. The Real Coconut Grain Free Tortilla Chips– Okay, I guess these aren’t FULLY AIP since they do contain xanthum gum, but they are completely grain free tortilla chips and I wanted to share them! The infamous Siete tortilla chips (my absolute fav) contain chia seeds as the binder so if you really don’t handle nuts/seeds well, I suggest trying The Real Coconut’s chips. They have several flavors, but of course the plain old sea salt is my number one choice.

7. Jackson’s Honest- Most chips are fried in canola, vegetable, or safflower oil. All of which are extremely inflammatory. I LOVE Jackson’s Honest Chips because they are all fried in coconut oil! They have a bunch of different flavors, including your traditional potato chip, but I really love their sweet potato and purple potato. They also make tortilla chips with non-GMO corn and fried in coconut oil.

(Have ya’ll figured out I’m a chip fan yet?!)


  1. Laughing Giraffe Organics Salted Caramel Macaroons– Macaroons are such a delicious snack and dessert! The salted caramel is the only flavor from this company that is AIP (the other flavors contain nut flours), but I love salted caramel so I’m not complaining.
  2. Jack’s Paleo Cookies– I’m obsessed with Jack’s cookies! Not all flavors are AIP but they have several that are 100% complaint, otherwise all flavors are paleo. Their cookies are soft and delicious. They can also be frozen if you like a harder cookie. These are amazing for when you want a sweet treat that is still healthy or don’t have the time and energy to bake… especially paleo/aip baking which is quite difficult with alternative flours and no eggs. They’ve really nailed down their recipes and the cookies are fantastic (even my mom approved, and that’s saying a lot ;)!).


3. Eat Pops– These are fruit and green juice popsicles! Not all of them are AIP, but my favorite flavor is the Restore. I found these at Whole Foods when I had the stomach flu after New Years as I couldn’t keep much down. These are a great treat when you really miss popsicles. I’ve found that they are quite sweet (with just fruit!) so I only need a couple bites, this means one box lasts me awhile.




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