Berry Crisp Bars (Paleo, AIP, Vegan, low-FODMAP, Nightshade Free)


These bars are, if I do say so myself! They are perfect for Valentine’s day with the red berry filling, plus they are low sugar so you won’t have to worry about a sugar overload from too much chocolate instead.


These bars utilize tiger nuts, which aren’t actually a nut, but a tuber. Tiger nuts are rich in anti-oxidants, pre-biotics, and fiber. The bars also contain my favorite protein powder, Nuzest. Although Nuzest is a pea protein, which may be eliminated on the AIP protocol, I provide some substitutions. I love this protein because it’s the only one I’ve found that is easily digestible (no tummy side effects from weird proteins). It’s also extremely versatile and great for baking with.


I used a combination of raspberries and blackberries for the filling, but using just one berry would be totally fine. The recipe works with both frozen and fresh berries, so you can make this recipe any time of the year! Hence making berry bars in the middle of winter ;).

Head on over to my friend Ali’s blog to get the complete recipe!






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