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The Influence Health: Movement Therapy for Healing

I recently launched The Influence Health! I’m so excited about this new adventure where I can personally help you to develop a movement plan that aids in your healing process. Watch the video below to learn more and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.

Movement has been an extremely vital piece of my healing process. The amount of research to support the importance of movement for disease prevention and healing is tremendous. I want to help you heal by showing you how you can incorporate movement no matter your condition, symptoms, or current fitness level (you can be bed bound and we can still work together!).

You can follow this new venture on Instagram @theinfluencehealth, on Facebook, or email theinfluencehealth@gmail.com to learn more or schedule a free 15 minute discovery call. My website will launch in the New Year and I will link that once it is completed.

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