AIP Coconut Date Cookies (“Oatmeal Raisin”) (Vegan)

*This post may contain affiliate links Who doesn't like cookies? I mean, really, if you don't like cookies what is wrong with you? Okay, it may not be everyone's favorite dessert, but who says no to cookies? That's what I thought. So I was originally going to call these AIP Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, which they… Continue reading AIP Coconut Date Cookies (“Oatmeal Raisin”) (Vegan)


My Health Journey: An Update

About 2 years ago I posted a video on my YouTube channel relaying my entire Lyme disease/Health journey up until that point. I share a short version of my health journey up until getting diagnosed on my About page. The other week I posted an updated Health/Lyme disease journey video on my channel recounting what… Continue reading My Health Journey: An Update