Easy, Creamy Vegan Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (gluten-free, paleo, AIP)


Summer calls for ice cream, right? Well, anytime calls for ice cream really ;), but summer does 100%. I got an ice cream maker for Christmas and I’ve been a bit obsessed. I haven’t made anything too fancy yet, but I have a lot of ideas in mind. I was craving just a good, basic vanilla ice cream recently so I had to share the recipe.


I’ve found that a lot of homemade ice creams tend to be icy or chunky and it’s hard to get them to be creamy and smooth. I’ve discovered the secret is to add some starch! Homemade ice cream still tends to get super hard in the freezer, but leave it out to soften for a few minutes and this ice cream will provide you that creamy treat your craving.


Vegan Vanilla Bean Ice Cream


-2 cans full fat coconut milk, 1/4 cup reserved

-1/4 cup maple syrup

-1/4 cup coconut sugar

-1/2-1 vanilla bean (depending on how strong you like the vanilla flavor)

-1/4 tsp. salt (I like using a thick flaked salt)

-1 tbs. tapioca or arrowroot starch (or corn starch)

-2 tsp. vanilla extract


Blend the coconut milk (except the 1/4 cup), maple syrup, sugar, and seeds from the vanilla bean in a blender until combined.

Transfer the mixture to a saucepan and heat over medium-high heat. While your base begins to heat, mix the 1/4 cup reserved milk with the starch in a small bowl. Whisk to combine then add it to the base in the saucepan.

Stirring occasionally, heat your entire ice cream mixture until it just begins to bubble OR until it starts to thicken slightly. You’ll notice the bottoms and sides of the pan begin to thicken/get sticky first and that the mixture will coat the back of a spoon. This will take about 10 minutes, depending on your stove.

Once it has reached the right consistency, transfer to a glass dish and place in the fridge until it cools, whisking the mixture every 30 minutes. It will take about 2-3 hours for the mixture to cool completely.

Once your base has cooled, add it to your ice cream maker following the manufacturers directions. I’ve found that it takes 15-20 minutes for my ice cream to churn, at which point you usually have a soft serve consistency. Transfer to an ice cream container, freezer safe glass dish, or loaf pan lined with parchment paper (top with wax paper or plastic wrap pressed against the ice cream) and leave in the freezer for several hours or overnight to harden completely.

I suggest taking the ice cream out 5-15 minutes (depending on the temp in your house and how soft you like your ice cream) before serving so it can soften enough to scoop.




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