Lemons 'n Lyme

When life gives you lemons, use them to beat Lyme

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Blueberry Coconut Bars/Blondies

First of all, today was a great day for two reasons.


2. I got to talk to my best friend who is currently doing semester at sea- she was in China while we skyped 🙂

I have so many posts I want to make! Personal plus a bunch of recipes coming up this week- yay! I was very successful in the kitchen this morning when I realized the game wasn’t on until 4:30 pm (thought it came on at 2:30)… what better way to waste time until football then to cook and bake?!

My Saturday was also great. I went on a wonderful hike with 3 friends, 2 of which I hadn’t seen in forever! It was great to catch up with them. It was in the 50’s so it wasn’t too hot and that made the hike very pleasant. I felt good despite having felt close to death the past 2 weeks. I’m still having some pretty bad symptoms so I’m going to be calling my doctor Monday to see if we can get that headed in the right direction.

On to the recipe….



1/2 cup coconut flour

1/4 tsp. salt

1/4 tsp baking soda

4 eggs

1//4 cup coconut oil

1/4 cup applesauce

1/2 cup coconut cream (the top of the coconut milk can)

1/4 cup honey

1/2-1 cup blueberries (depending on how much you want)

Preheat oven to 350 F.

Mix all the wet ingredients together in a bowl. Add in the dry ingredients, except blueberries. Stir everything together until well mixed, then fold in the blueberries.

Pour batter into a greased baking dish (maybe a 8×8? or you can use something longer… not a bread dish but so that it flattens out, ya know? I know, I suck because I don’t have measurements I just pick pans based on whether I think they will work and then pray for the best).

Bake for 20 minutes, or until just beginning to brown on top and toothpick comes out clean. Wait until completely cooled to cut and devour.



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Fitness Tip: Protein?

Well, I haven’t done a fitness related post in a while. Sometimes I just don’t know what to post about besides a workout I’ve done. Pretty boring. So here goes with something I’m hoping is a bit more interesting…

“Your last bicep curl of the day should be your protein shake to your mouth” -My Exercise Physiology professor.

I’m taking an exercise phys. class this semester and it is hard as you know what! Oh man, I’m gonna fail and die. BUT I’m definitely learning a lot.

So, I feel like most of us, especially me, understand that protein is important for building muscle. We always see all those big buff dudes downing their giant protein shakes while they are walking out of the gym!

Even if you are not trying to get huge, it is still important to refuel with protein post workout. We break down protein at a faster rate then we make it, and this breakdown increases even more with exercise. So we have an overall net protein loss, but you can prevent that by eating (or drinking) protein post workout.

Breakdown of protein is bad as it is basically your body eating your muscle and it will become apparent- decreased muscle mass, weakness, you get the idea.

Here is the catch…. studies showing that eating/drinking protein immediately post workout vs. later (2 hours) improves muscle cross-sectional area have been done on older males. Studies done on younger people (20’s), doesn’t necessarily show this. So if you are an older man, drink/eat up RIGHT after you hit the iron. If your younger, well, does it matter? More research needs to be done. Nevertheless, working out actually allows your muscles to be more receptive to protein uptake and flooding your blood stream with amino acids tells your body it’s okay, you’ve got plenty, to start using it to build muscle. Working out, endurance or lifting, requires an increased protein uptake because you break it down pretty darn fast.

Another thing, Carbohydrates Spare Protein. This means that eating a low carb diet actually increases your protein breakdown in your body…. Okay, so you all know I eat pretty paleo and I’m honestly not sure how this all fits in with that yet. I want to do some more research on it. My exercise physiology professor refuses to discuss the topic with me because he apparently has very strong opinions (against it).

This was a general, trying to make it easily understandable to the average person post about protein and it is obviously much more scientific. I can refer you to articles/studies if you are interested. I think my next fitness post will be about Fat. YAY FAT!

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For The Millionth Time: Chocolate Avocado Pudding


Wow. I should not be allowed to take pictures of my food. Really. Sorry for that unappetizing image. Read the recipe instead and then make up a beautiful picture in your head. Yeah, that picture, that’s what should be right above.

So I know there are a million and one recipes for chocolate avocado pudding out there but I’ve actually never made it before and I had a very ripe avocado that needed to be used. So deal with it. And love it. Plus I wanted a snack and nothing in my fridge looked good and for some reason the chocolate bar wasn’t appealing… I wanted creamy and cold.


1 ripe avocado

1 very ripe banana

scant 1/4 cup cocoa powder

~1 tbs. honey or agave or maple syrup (more if desired)

1. tsp cinnamon

1/4 cup milk of choice (almond, coconut, etc) (add only part at first then more if need)

1 tbs. creamy sunflower seed butter or almond butter

pinch of salt

Mix everything together in a blender. I don’t have a blender so I did it by hand. That sucked. Don’t do it that way. Use a blender. Find one! It’s creamier and more delicious that way. There aren’t weird chunks of non-chocolatey avocado.


My pudding is better then every other recipe because I had sunflower seed (or almond) butter. That makes everything better. Just add it to everything. Something doesn’t taste right? Sunflower/almond butter. THAT is what makes the world go round.

OH, So since we had a little heart to heart about exercising yesterday, I thought I would post the workout I did today. I did a circuit workout which actually kicked my butt even though it may not look super hard to start out. I put my boot camp class through it, too!

You should all write this workout down and go do it now (cough AMMIE cough)

Perform 10 reps of each exercise resting one minute at the end of the circuit before repeating two more times (for a total of 3 rounds)



bicycle crunch

deadlift to row

pushup to opposite hand/toe touch (do a pushup then lift your right leg and reach it under your body to touch your left hand… yes you will be balancing on just your right hand and left leg)

squat to curl and press

speed skaters

reverse lunge with lateral raise

medicine ball wood chop

jump rope for 1 minute



Exercise: The Other Piece of the Puzzle

I post recipes. Because, well, I like food. I like to try new recipes and I like to take recipes and make them paleo or allergy-friendly or sugar free. Food is good.

I rarely post about fitness despite the fact that I’m a Certified Personal Trainer and teach boot camp and spin classes. It will probably stay that way, with the occasional fitness post thrown in unless I get feedback about wanting more fitness talk.

But let’s talk about working out for a minute. Gosh, it can be a wonderful thing. Now, don’t get me wrong, if I could get away with sitting on the couch all day watching House Hunters and eating baked goods, chocolate, almond butter, and ice cream I would! Exercise, though, has helped me through some rough times and is an important part of any lifestyle, especially if you have a chronic illness.

I’m lucky enough to be at a point in my Lyme disease where I can get out of bed and get some workouts in every week. Last spring working out was out of the question. If I managed to stay standing on two feet for a full shower I was lucky! For many with Lyme working out is not in the picture due to exhaustion, pain, and other serious symptoms. But if you are at a point where you can handle some activity, it can actually make symptoms better.

I have to be VERY careful about overdoing it or I’m out for a week, in bed with flu-like symptoms. But, if I manage to get a healthy sweat session in, the endorphins help override the headaches and body aches and manage to give me a little more energy to get through my day.

I have a type A personality, which means I plan everything. I’m a major planner. I like to plan out my meals every week and plan my workouts. There is this awesome site called slimkicker.com where you can enter in your workouts and meals. But it goes beyond that making it pretty cool, especially if you are motivated by points and rewards (HELLO, I would NOT be doing as well in school as I am if it weren’t for being rewarded with grades and a high GPA). Basically you have a goal and you upload a picture of what you will reward yourself with upon reaching that goal (a pedicure, a new tool set, a new outfit, you get the idea). The site keeps track of points for you and reminds you when you’ve reached your goal so you can go out and get that awesome reward you chose for yourself!

I thought it was pretty neat and wanted to share it with you guys. I know there are some people out there who this could be very helpful for. Anyway, I promise more food posts in the future…. hopefully some cooking will get done this weekend. I’ve been feeling pretty crappy this week (I haven’t been able to sleep at all which as completely ruined my days for obvious reasons) so my energy to do much of anything, even eat, has plummeted. Don’t worry, I’ve managed to stuff some chocolate down my throat. God knows how I had to energy to lift my hand to my mouth, but chocolate has some magical powers ;).