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I love nutrition. I want to learn everything I can about it but I by no means know it all (yet)! I am constantly learning new things and my diet has changed a lot over the past 10 years as I battled my way through Lyme. When I originally started this blog it was not only to chronicle my Lyme journey but to share recipes. At that time I was eating Paleo-based and still do, after several bouts with veganism, including raw veganism. For me, going vegan always left me depleted with increased symptoms and decreased nutrient absorption. I’m in NO WAY bashing a vegan diet, I think it can be really great for many, it just didn’t work for me. So, what you’ll find on my site are a lot of paleo-based recipes and talk, but I still include vegan recipes as they are delicious and healthy, too!

A paleo diet eliminates gluten and all grains, usually dairy (I am dairy free), legumes, processed foods and sugar. The idea is to return to the diet of our paleolithic ancestors to reduce inflammation, heal the gut, and increase nutrient absorption. This has worked well for me and I tweak things as I go along to find what works best for MY body. Everybody’s body is different and what I need may not be what you need (And vice-versa). I’m not an expert, like I said, but I share the knowledge I’ve learned and what works for me. Again, please always keep that in mind, I share MY experience which may be totally different from yours!

Paleo Diet:

Research has shown that for those with Lyme, this can be a highly beneficial diet to follow. Lyme bugs feed off of sugar and carbs+gluten and thus that can exacerbate symptoms. This great article by Nicola McFadzean, ND explains this in simple terms.

A Paleo diet consists of eating real, anti-inflammatory foods! What is not consumed on a paleo diet is gluten and all grains (including quinoa, rice, etc), no legumes (including beans and peanuts), nothing processed, no soy, and I don’t eat dairy (some paleo dieters do). What is consumed is fresh fruits and vegetables, meats and fish, nuts and seeds (no peanuts, which are actually a legume), certain fats (like avocado, coconut, olive- no vegetable, soy, canola, or sunflower/safflower oils). All the no-no foods are inflammatory and contain lectins which destroy one’s digestive system.

Some useful websites for information on this type of diet:

Marks Daily Apple– one of my favorites!

Chris Kresser– Chris offers some great information on all sorts of autoimmune disorders and other common issues in the 21st century plus how a Paleo style diet helps! Excellent research and presentation

Balanced Bites– Dianne offers up some excellent nutritional advice for following a Paleo diet

The Food Lovers Kitchen– Although this duo provides lots of recipes, they have some great resources to learn more about a Paleo diet and other interesting blog posts

Great Articles:

A wonderful post about FAT– eat it!

Guts, Germs, and Meals Summary



10 thoughts on “Nutrition”

  1. No wonder the hives on my face flared today (IF they truly are connected with lyme, but I believe they are)… I had a little ice cream with the tart I made last night.

    I’m guessing not by some of your recipes, but figure I will ask anyway. Are fruit sugars out, too? And honey? I have been baking something with honey, apples, and blueberries and eating it over the past few days. When I was tempted to add whipped cream (and did) and then ice cream (even worse), my symptoms seemed to flare.

    Sugar… so tough to cut out. I have mostly cut it out, but like you said it’s tough to do perfectly!


    1. It’s definitely reallllly hard! I’m terrible at it since I have a big sugar tooth :). Fruit sugars are usually fine for healthy people but those with Lyme should try to avoid all sugars, limiting fruit to 1 piece a day. I usually eat 1-2 because I love it (and plus it’s healthier then eating candy!). I bake with honey, as well. Again, lymies should limit sugar intake and only have a little bit of honey. Honey contains a lot of healthy nutrients, though, so it makes it a good option for baking.


  2. Hello!
    Thank you so much for your blog! I come from Belgium (beside France) and Lyme disease is completely unknow by medecine. My english is not perfect but I read a lot of blogs and articles in english. Thanks for all of this informations and recipes 🙂

    I eat Paleo and indeed, I feel better, I have less pain. I have a lot of intolerances and my gut is really damaged. You say that you eat raw food, I agree with you, it’s rich in nutrients but it is possible to digest raw food with a leaky gut?

    Thank you so much for your answer 🙂


    1. I am so glad you find the information I provide helpful! I am also glad to hear eating paleo has helped you. I just had someone ask me a similar question on Instagram the other day. I personally have found that my stomach actually feels best when I eat raw even though I know it is technically harder to digest raw foods. I have less bloating, pain, and everything seems to run a bit smoother. I think it is just depends on your body. Although I have a severely damaged gut, I do respond well to raw foods. I try and listen to my body as much as possible and if I feel I need some warm cooked food then I will eat that.


  3. Hi there! Thanks for all of the information and recipes 🙂 I was just diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease … My LLMD, Dr. Maureen McShane mentioned that I must avoid ALL sugar, even honey and maple syrup (even though they are healthy sugars). Just out of curiosity … I noticed that you bake with honey … is this considered OK, once in a while? Do you notice any negative reactions when you do use/eat honey?

    Thanks so much!


    1. Raw, Local, organic honey has some wonderful health benefits and even helps with immunity. I believe it is okay to have a little bit of honey every so often. I also have a huge sweet tooth, so I need it ;). If I have too much I notice issues but usually having a little here and there isn’t bad.
      Sugar is sugar but I think small amounts of honey can help with healing. If you are extremely sick, I would say to stay away from all sugars until your body is more stable. Wishing you all the best in your healing!


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