Simply AIP + Giveaway

I recently received a box from Simply AIP and loved all the goodies I received inside! Simply AIP is a subscription box that contains AIP products (mostly snacks) for women with autoimmune disease. Each month is a new batch of goods and Laura works hard to serve her customers. I love that she has chosen… Continue reading Simply AIP + Giveaway


All-Natural Skin and Hair Care Routine

By now, you all should know I like to keep things as non-toxic as possible. I often get questions about my skin and hair, how I keep them both healthy, and especially how to address hair loss with chronic illness. I made two videos all about my skin and hair care routine, including the products… Continue reading All-Natural Skin and Hair Care Routine


Toxin-Free Mattress Review: Tuft & Needle

Last fall I was in need of a new mattress. A new non-toxic one. But it also needed to be affordable because well, Lyme costs a lot of money! So I needed an affordable, new, non-toxic mattress. I did a lot of research and there are some great non-toxic and organic mattresses out there... but… Continue reading Toxin-Free Mattress Review: Tuft & Needle


All Natural Home Part 1: Hygiene Care

I've been wanting to do a series on how to keep your life "natural" aka non-toxic. So, I'm finally going to be doing a 3-part series on the products I use in my home and on me to maintain a non-toxic (or lower-toxic) life/environment. Part 1: Hygiene/Body care- all the basics from soap to shampoo… Continue reading All Natural Home Part 1: Hygiene Care