21 Day Sugar Detox and Basic Paleo Stuffed Peppers

In about mid-July Sam over at Canada Girl Eats Paleo┬ámentioned doing the 21-Day Sugar Detox starting in August. Well, I decided to join. And It's August. I got on board a day late... aka everyone started yesterday and I started today. I'm slow like that sometimes. Anyway, I decided to post my basic stuffed peppers… Continue reading 21 Day Sugar Detox and Basic Paleo Stuffed Peppers


LLMD Appointment: 3/20/13

I had what I think was a successful LLMD appointment yesterday afternoon. I spent almost two and a half hours there, some waiting, but good talking.I started the appointment off with cognitive testing. This was composed of computer testing to measure reaction time, higher level executive functioning, stuff like that. The first part of the… Continue reading LLMD Appointment: 3/20/13


The Current Concoction

1. Mepron2. Plaquenil3. Biaxin4. Duricef5. Bactrim6.MycostatinI'm also taking drops of A-BAB, although thats not a direct antibiotic. I decided to post about the current antibiotics I'm on because 1. It's ridiculous! and 2. I'm curious about if any of you other Lymies have been on or are on any of these and how you have… Continue reading The Current Concoction