Cinnamon & Ginger Roasted Rainbow Carrots (AIP, Vegan, Low FODMAP, Nightshade Free)

Thanksgiving is coming up in America, which means HOLIDAY RECIPES! I recently got a chance to work with Vitacost and Simply Organics and dreamed up these spiced carrots just in time for the food holiday of the year. This recipe is only 4 ingredients (okay 5 if you count the salt) and honestly they're 4… Continue reading Cinnamon & Ginger Roasted Rainbow Carrots (AIP, Vegan, Low FODMAP, Nightshade Free)


My Favorite Detox Baths

If you aren't subscribed to me on Youtube, you should be. I haven't been announcing here every time I post a video and if you don't want to miss one, head on over to my channel and click that red subscribe button! My Youtube is filled with tips and tricks for healing Lyme, some food… Continue reading My Favorite Detox Baths


Pumpkin Turkey “Curry”(AIP, Low-fodmap, Nightshade Free)

Pumpkin season is well upon us! So, that can only mean one thing: pumpkin recipes galore! Am I right?! Did you know that I don't think I've ever cooked or cooked with a real pumpkin (just the canned stuff)? I thought it was about time I give it a go. I love my beloved butternut… Continue reading Pumpkin Turkey “Curry”(AIP, Low-fodmap, Nightshade Free)


Orange Apricot Ginger Chicken

I make up some chicken in the crockpot EVERY week, so I have it for lunch and an easy snack/extra protein. I've been getting bored with the same old chicken so I decided to switch things up for once. Ingredients: 2 lbs. chicken breast 2 cups dried apricots about 15 ounces of baby carrots (or… Continue reading Orange Apricot Ginger Chicken