Lemons 'n Lyme

When life gives you lemons, use them to beat Lyme


My Favorite Detox Baths

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My Youtube is filled with tips and tricks for healing Lyme, some food stuff, and a few random videos for fun on occasion :).

I posted this video a few weeks back but wanted to make sure you all saw it. Detox baths are one of my favorite ways to, well, detox, also to relax and even help kill Lyme!



It’s Been A While… Here’s What I Do in a Day

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what my treatment is like these days, so I figured I’d share. But let me provide a quick update first.

Farmer's Market!

Farmer’s Market!

Well, I moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Yeah, you read that right. My parents moved here and since I finished school in May I moved with them until I’m healthy enough to be on my own/go to grad school. We are living in a hotel for a month until the house is done. Let’s just say my bedroom is quite packed with treatment stuffs :).

Last night in DC

Last night in DC

I went home to DC for a month earlier this summer before my family moved and I saw a new doctor. He’s an integrative doctor NOT an LLMD. We are keeping my LLMD on the back burner for now. The new doc got me off most medications and supplements (yessssss! Less pills!) and is focusing on detoxing my body and resetting my autonomic nervous system. Some blood work revealed my mold levels are still sky high even after 6 months of mold treatment. So, I’m back on cholysteramine and something called VIP spray (vasoactive intestinal peptide), since those levels are low. I’m excited to explore all the holistic healing that Santa Fe has to offer, though!

I crashed when I first got back to Colorado and was off all meds but now I’m slowly starting to feel better again. I’m really not having many specific symptoms anymore (Besides headaches) just the general exhaustion and run down feeling and I don’t last long on my feet or doing things. I take a nap every day and need to rest between activities or limit how much I’m doing. Still, when I am able to do things, I’m able to GO DO THEM for the most part. Fingers crossed. Maybe it’s just a good week. We will see.

ANYWAY, Moving has meant basically no cooking or baking going down (hello hotel life and all my cooking supplies being packed in boxes). We do have a full kitchen at the hotel but again, everything I own is packed in boxes in the back of my car. But I felt like I needed to post and update you all about what is going on :). It’s also meant not eating the healthiest in the past few weeks and I’m certainly feeling that. I can’t wait to get into the house and start cooking again and making bone broth.

My current treatment is focused mainly on detoxing. My doctor also has being doing colonics once a week.

Castor oil pack-ing

Castor oil pack-ing

So here is a *general* example of a Wednesday for me, a random day of treatment but most of my days look similar. Sometimes I wake up later sometimes earlier.

9 am: BT-detox drops (Byron White)

9:30ish- Wake up and take first round of Cowden protocol

9:30-10:30- make my way out of bed, Coffee enema and oil pulling

10:30-12:00- Juice, breakfast, morning supplements and meds, reply to emails from you guys

12:-12:30ish- yoga or bodyweight exercises (lately I’ve actually been able to go to the gym and do a little bit there!)

12:30-1:30: Sauna and shower

2ish- lunch + mid-day supplements (licorice to help boost my blood pressure) and meds

2-3:30- chill out or run errands (usually stalk the internet)

3:30-5: Castor oil pack (I only do this 3 days of the week, usually Wed/Thurs/Fri)

5-6: Epsom salt bath OR another round in the sauna plus another shower (I HATE being sweaty or dirty so I shower too much)

6- second round of Cowden protocol (I’m only doing half the protocol: 2 doses a day rather then the usual 4)

7ish: Dinner, evening supplements and meds

7-10: Watch too much TV, Juice number 2 somewhere in there (although I’ve been juicing less lately because $$$), dessert because I can’t live without it (you know me, it’s healthy, don’t worry), reply to more emails from you guys (actually usually I just read them and reply a week later when my brain is functioning)

Juice life

Juice life

My med taking has gone way done. I used to be taking something every hour! So that is a plus that it is at least slightly less. Anyway, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!